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Spirit Fawn

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Taught to Kill

Taught to Kill

Spirit Fawn

Gavin killed the Spirit Fawn
He walked and stalked until the dawn
He had no brains, he had no brawn
Abused by dad, his heart was gone

Gavin killed a Spirit Deer
At age 11, he lives in fear
It seems so strange at death to jeer
A boy so young and cold and queer

Gavin speared the Spirit Doe
His soul has nowhere up to go
A unicorn as white as snow
Too fair to live, the Albino

Gavin made our hearts go mad
Taught to hate the world by dad
A diamond life killed for a fad
Gavin has made many sad

Now soar the valleys, Spirit Fawn
Fairest Deer was ever born
True it is our hearts are torn
But every rosebush has its thorn

joey racano