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State of the Union by joey racano

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
State of the Union 2014

State of the Union 2014


by joey racano

(Wild applause)

“Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you all. Please be seated. Today, I stand before you at a date that is perhaps not the same as the one you see on your calender. Perhaps not the one you see on your google glass, monitor screen, or the one on your television. My fellow Americans, and peoples of the world as well, I stand before you on a date that can only be described as late.

The date is late, the situation -one of our own making- is dire, and time to act is short. And yet as I come here tonight, there is no sense of urgency. No sense of teamwork. No sense that our difficult situation is even one of reality.

We stand as a nation, mired in the muck of dogmatic posturing, applauding at the wounds of our young soldiers, willing to accept the deaths of our people for dubious reasons. For example, we find it acceptable for soldiers to die that we may pump more CO2 into the already dying atmosphere. Some call us a nation of heroes. I call us a nation still practicing human sacrifice.

As was long ago predicted in the science fiction novels of dark geniuses, drones controlled by unkown men holding a joystick in middle America wipe out children at wedding parties in the middle East. Videos of our military cutting down journalists is exposed by heroes who are tortured in prison for their bravery. Exiled to far flung shadows are those who expose mass spying on our friends, citizens neighbors, and heads of state of our allies.

And yet, as we careen blindly into a future devoid of forests, fish and friends, the conversation begins and ends with how straight we stand when saluting a flag, how many pairs of camoflauge pants our children wear to school, how many babies we save from abortion so they can be sacrificed in some future military aggression. Art is shunned, and starves in the streets of a neighborhood that recently closed its only emergency room. We harken back to the ill fate of the Library of Alexandria, where the world’s first woman scholar was flayed alive with abolone shells as the library burned to the ground.

My fellow Americans and citizens of the world, time is short and the hour is late. But all is not lost lost so long as the newly awakened youth, are ready to rise up against the failed policies of the past and ring in the new paradigm, where real men adore the colorful wings of a butterfly rather than the best MMA knockouts show. Where women lead their adoring men on paths toward peace and altruism rather than the new car dealership.

Most of all it will take courage; the courage to reject two-party politics that have us at the brink of self destruction. Courage to see military as a force for ecology rather than extraction. Courage to resist. Courage to speak up and speak out. And for the elders, the courage to heed the call of the youth.

(stunned silence, wild applause, then sirens in the distance)

Joey Racano

The Whole Dam Pacific

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

The Whole Dam Pacific

On March the eleventh, two thousand eleven
I finally launched my one slice of heaven

a thirteen foot skiff with strong metal oarlocks
and rowed it away from witches and warlocks

I stocked it with food before leaving Japan
prepared to catch fish and so that was my plan

It wasn’t enough that I brought my new phone
I also brought stuff to avoid being alone

There was Charlie Chernobyl, my trusty Iguana
and a milk carton filled with the best marijuana

I bought from Yakuza, a Japanese mobster
whose last parting gift was a still-alive lobster

And so off it was as we rowed out to sea
a lizard, a lobster, my pot stash and me

By noon we were too far to see any land
I cranked up an IPOD to hear a cool band

and just when the solo began to get strong
I noticed the birds headed off to Hong Kong

Tuna and dolphins and whales said vamoose
Something real bad was about to break loose

Snap! Went the lobster, and snip! went the lizard
Queeziness took a good hold on my gizzard

Soon a crescendo of sound came around
Not from the sky but from someplace way down

That’s when a fish shouted ‘evacuation!’
I fumbled my radio onto a station

The radio managed just one garbled word
‘Earthquake’, (which we already knew from the birds)

Charlie Chernobyl

Charlie Chernobyl

Then in the background, someone called out, ‘Mommy!’
And I braced with both hands for a major tsunami

That’s when a wave went right under my boat
We were ok, and continued to float

One hundred and thirty three feet, that was huge
It made storm surge Katrina seem pro Baton Rouge

But splash! Went the lobster and sploosh! Went the lizard
None could have saved them, not even a wizard

I never looked back toward the sea of Japan
I’m nobody’s genius but am a bright man

The wave had bounced off Fukushima-Daiichi
like Fonz used to do to his poor cousin Ciacci

I just kept on rowing ahead of the glowing
which helped me at night to see where I was going

And just when I thought I was safely away
Two giant creatures burst out of the spray

One was my lizard, turned into Godzilla
and a thousand-foot lobster, now a one-man flotilla

May day, oh may day, I called on the phone
Is anyone out there un-cesium boned?
My mom must be worried, I want to go home
The whole dam Pacific’s a nuclear zone


Hold, King Neptune

Monday, August 26th, 2013
Hold, King Neptune

Hold, King Neptune

Hold, King Neptune
Great King Neptune, stay thy sword
Smite us not, thou briny lord
Give us but a cause to fear
Fair warning that the end draws near

Blue Poseidon hold thy Trident
There’s no call to be so strident
Long the years have passed since when
Your maelstrom was unleashed on men

Not all people share the blame
for Turtles in the Gulf aflame
Many know as well as you
Of Fukushima’s toxic brew

Father Ocean, please be kind
some were young when stricken blind
Born with no love in their hearts
evolving slow, in fits and starts

Not all men deserve your wrath
Reverent always of your bath
Lash your swells both taut and deep
Reserve Hell’s judgement lest good men weep


The Nudibranch Train

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

The Nudibranch Train

The Nudibranch Train

‘All aboard!’ came the pullman porter’s refrain
so we all climbed aboard on the Nudibranch Train
Sloshing his feet, he slid down the aisle
collected our tickets and left with a smile

And so it began in a warm summer rain
A curious trek on the Nudibranch Train
which took us from somewhere, I won’t be specific
Eventually plunged us into the Pacific

The colors were stellar on every box car
(Nudibranchs wear the couture of a star)
Hues made of blue, lemon-lime, red and mango
Nudibranchs look like a visual tango

Even the rainbows turn green with envy
A kaleidoscope knows that he’s been beaten when he
encounters a Nudibranch riding the currents
Fluorescent with pinstripes, and black light deterrents

As goes the engine, so goes the caboose
They covered the spectrum from pink to chartreuse
One car was striped red and white candy cane
What’s not to like on the Nudibranch Train?

Back at the station, a shark and cetacean
awaited the train with a friendly crustacean
out to console a poor butterflies soul
who used to be Monarch (now Nudibranch’s role)

‘Woodside! Callabassas!’ the Porter did shout
And slow as molassass, the Jellyfish got out
They always paid less, and were loved for chatoyancy
Though sometimes, without them, it helped with the bouyancy

Transporting us wasn’t too hard for these gents
But we lost all our luggage in geotherm vents
Topside, the storm raged in circular motion
But it wasn’t a factor this deep in the ocean

Finally arriving at Marrianna’s Trench
I helped them switch tracks with a barnacled wrench
Cuttlefish cuddled and Octopus cried
while mermaids and conch shells waited outside

Some said hello, some said their farewells
Some twirled antennae, and vibrated shells
Next thing you know we zoomed off again
Another adventure on the Nudibranch Train!


Roses and Prayers

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Roses and Prayers

With roses and prayers, let abundance increase
said the good Brother Michael on a mission of peace
Ribbon Eels, Nudibranchs, Jellyfish strings
These are among the most beautiful things

Whale spouts cascading, migrations parading
A sailors return to a lover there waiting
Bubbles from deep, where the sea chose to keep
an anonymous wreck, hold still laden with teak

Depth without measure, oft laden with treasure
where divers seek danger and mermaids seek pleasure
Unbridled seahorses ridden by none
exposing the handle of Blue Beard’s own gun

So many secrets are kept by the sea
and we are the keepers of antiquity
Keepers of life, keepers of gold
And both may ye find there in that cargo hold!


(sign our petition against Navy Sonar please):

Thank you Brother Michael J Phillips for your part in our Thank You Whales ceremony Saturday in Avila! I am sure the good will you worked to create will keep bringing about miracles like this one below, news from our good friends at OCEANA:

‘We have some big news on seismic airgun testing this week! Thanks to the spirited debate brought on by activists like you, the Department of the Interior announced a six-month delay on their seismic airgun decision. This means we’ll see no seismic airgun blasts in the Atlantic this year and have more opportunities to convince them to make the right choice and halt testing for good’.

With love and respect,

joey racano

Photo: Diane Smith of Brother Michael

Brother Michael's Ceremony

Brother Michael’s Ceremony

Oriana of the Sea

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Oriana of the Sea

Oriana, Ocean Defender
Ocean wounded, you defend her
Pretty Mermaid dressed in spoils
plastic bags and aluminum foils
Lovely siren from the sea
Chant your music, set me free
Oriana Kalama, she of tales
Thanks for helping ‘Thank You Whales’!


(sign our petition against Navy Sonar please):

Our Second Annual Thank You Whales

As the sun set on Old Port Beach in Avila, the whales off the California coast knew some peace, as their land-locked brothers and sisters sent love wafting to sea.

Although the ocean and whales face dire threats, we know that the power of love conquers all power. Wildly diverse people gathered, joined hands, and absorbed a reverent sunset prayer under the beauty and guidance of holy men from different cultures. Thank you Fred Collins for your amazing words, that fell softer than the glowing fire and shone twice as bright, and Thank you, Brother Michael, for depositing our compassion -via pastel-colored rose buds- into the surf. I am sure they drifted out to where the leviathan sleeps, calming him, protecting him.

On behalf of everyone involved, Thank You Whales!’

Photos can be seen at

watch us on the news:

love and respect,

joey racano

photo: Oriana on the whale by Diane Smith

On Facebook:
stop the diablo canyon seismic testing

Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

stop navy sonar testing

Thank You Whales 2013

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
August 17th- make plans to be there!

August 17th- make plans to be there!

Get ready for the 3rd annual 'Thank You Whales' celebration, coming August 17th, 2013 on Old Port Beach in Avila, California. This yearly celebration commemorates the arrival of whales at the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in 2012. The whales arrived in pre-hunting numbers, coinciding with the Chumash celebration of their vollages and canoes known as 'Tomol', and it all happened just in time to garner the world media attention needed to Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing. Many people and organizations bonded together to help, and the California Coastal Commission played a leadership role, with their historic November 14th 'NO HIGH ENERGY 260 DECIBEL SEISMIC TESTING IN CALIFORNIA WATERS' decision, but it was the whales of Avila- a modern day bona fide miracle- that really saved 500 or so nautical miles of marine ecosystem!  This sponsors for Thank You Whales this year show those bonds have grown even stronger between us all, and we hope you will be there, August 17th, 2013, Old Port Beach, Avila, starts at 10:00am. Look for the huge whale statue!  *VERY* Special speakers!  Love and respect,  joey racano

2013 Sponsors of 2nd Annual Thank You Whales


Whales Besting Seismic Testing

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
art by R Moran

art by R Moran

Whales Besting Seismic Testing

With the lowest of the low hearing frequency ears
whales heard it first, before the others by years
The crashing and the smashing in the fathomless void
that had the fish ker-splashing and the squids annoyed

The threat was seismic testing, at a nuclear plant
Whales were put in danger by some reckless ant
And so, they got together a cetacean ensemble
with Orcas in the front (they never were very humble)

The Sperm Whales second, followed by Great Blue
and so on down a line that stretched to Kalamazoo

They headed for a beach in California, where
somebody built nukes on a quake fault there

And instead of finally taking old Diablo down
were attempting to instead just blast the sea with sound

Well, the whale-force crew swam at gale-force two
stopping only to refuel one time in kat-man-doo

The whales went west around the Cape of Good Hope
(One towed a raft of castaways by nylon rope!)

The Humpbacks breached and the Fins swam fast
Beaked whales homed on the offending blast
They planned to hit the beach right at Diablo’s gate
and if no one saw the whales, then they would sit and wait

In the Caribbean they were looking for an angle,
and wisely took it wide around Bermuda Triangle
They sang their songs and were joined by the throngs
who loved cetacean classics, teaching rights from wrongs

The Panama Canal was a challenge of its own
(with skeleton whales up on the shore, bleached bone)
They had to hold their breaths, staying hid beneath the water
(Otherwise the locks would never let them cross the border)

Finally in the end, they made it to the Central Coast
and people came from everywhere, like they had seen a ghost!
Now, it got so famous, it’s known throughout the world-
as the Miracle of Avila, and every boy and girl

knows August, 2012, when great whales came from the sea
to the gates of the Nuclear Power Plant, saying:

“Don’t you mess with me!”


New Progress on Whale Protection:

Keep it moving forward with great conservation, people! Right now, there are many bad guys who want to split the conservationists apart because we are starting to beat them. Don’t fall for it! Here are some examples: Cat lovers vs Bird lovers, Sea Lion lovers vs Salmon lovers at the Bonneville dam, and native peoples vs whale conservationists:

Remember this: we all have a lot to lose (a whole planet!) and we have a lot more in common than not. So the key to our survival and the species we love, is solidarity!

That is what ‘Thank You Whales’ is working on too!


Our fantastic THANK YOU WHALES event coming up in August (Aug 17th, on Old Port Beach in Avila, California) is now sponsored by an incredible array of kick you know what groups including:


Don’t buy into the divisive BS- One world, One ocean!

Keep fighting, keep signing, keep loving!

From Greenpeace:

From Oceana:

Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

With love and respect

joey racano

Thank You Whales

Monday, April 29th, 2013
August 17th- make plans to be there!

August 17th- make plans to be there!

Thank You Whales

Listen to the story, it’s a cautionary tale
of a seismic-test assault that was halted by the whales
whose historic appearance at the Avila shore
came with the message, “Don’t do it anymore!”

Sardine bait-balls were a whirling dervish
an army of anchovies pressed into service

Whale-adoring Pelicans dove into the waters
Kayaks followed close behind awe-struck paddle boarders

All brought together on a fateful summer day
when the whales of Captain Watson entered Avila Bay!

The show was on the internet in no time flat
Amazing though it seemed, whales were telling us that
seismic testing canons shot by PG&E
were killing all the creatures in the deep blue sea

The people of the land took heed of their cry
and called for protections so that none would die
Fought and won an epic battle, and what that entails
Now every year that passes we say, ‘Thank You Whales!’


As our whales continue to face pressure from whaling, seismic testing and war games around the globe, it is important that we ‘never forget’ the amazing day when whales swam right up to the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, arriving in pre-hunting numbers! Last year we decided we would remember by commemorating with a Thank You Whales celebration every year, and this year will be no exception.

By now, you’re probably amazed at the gorgeous artwork provided by Dolphin Shirt artist Royce McClure- so am I!
This art is featured on our event shirts and hoodies and they are emblazoned on the back with all our sponsors logos (which include the world’s best environmental groups), with feathers to acknowledge the Native American celebration of TOMOL (canoe), happening in the same place at the same time.

The Second Annual Thank You Whales will be held in Avila on Old Port Beach, near the fire rings. Dogs welcome!

There will be indigenous song and stories, a fire ring, kites, a speaker from Whale and Dolphin Watch, and our famous Thank You Whales sign making contest!

Last year the signs were beautiful and we expect more artistry this year too, so start designing yours.

For info on ordering your THANK YOU WHALES shirt or hoodie, e mail us at:

More later!

Have you heard the latest on Navy Sonar? Our friends at NRDC are working hard for the whales. Here’s the link. It’s 3 minutes on National Public Radio:

Finally, we’d like to thank our brother-in-arms Kurt Leiber and his fantastic ODA (Ocean defenders Alliance) out of Orange County, who have been removing deadly derelict nets from our ocean waters. This time, they dove with none other than the worlds foremost oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle! Check this out:

Well that’s it for now, get out there and save those whales!

with love and respect,

joey racano

artwork: Royce McClure

It Happened on Earth Day

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

It Happened on Earth Day

It happened on Earth Day, Washington, DC
A 90 foot Great Blue Whale came from the sea
Center stage, Freedom Plaza, she spread her great fins
Her message was, “Save me and everybody wins!”

The press did the coverage, the whale did the rest
Pin one more Earth-medal on Sir-Gershon’s chest
A great whale emergency in the Washington Post
Great Whale Conservancy, we love you the most!

joey’s note: you can read on, or skip to the bottom for petitions to sign…

An Ocean of Action!

What did you do on Earth Day? Did you celebrate, or did you make something cool happen and celebrate too? Don’t tell us, we already know the answer- this is a family of heroes! 🙂 Well, while you were out kicking butt, we want to tell you that our own beloved Mz Blue (a 90 foot long exact replica of an actual Great Blue Whale who lives in the Sea of Cortez, aka the Vermillion Sea’) was spotted on the grounds of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. She was bringing attention to the plight of our marine cousins from the many threats now facing them. These threats include:

*Ship strikes, which are becoming all too common. Recently in California, there was a proposal to move shipping lanes, but it was not enough to save Mz Blue. Those lanes must be moved outside of the Channel Islands, according to our experts!

*Seismic Testing. Even though places like Los Angeles are moving from coal to natural gas fired power plants, there will still be seismic testing to search for oil and natural gas, (as well as once through cooling which destroys plankton when sea water is pumped into intakes). Seismic testing is a threat to whales on both U.S. coasts as well as in 70% of the oceans around the globe!

*Noise pollution. Whales have very low voices and historically were able to talk across whole oceans! Now that has been reduced to 100 yards because of all the anthropomorphic noise. It needs to stop- after all, silence is golden!

*Whaling. Whaling is a barbaric olden days practice that needs to stop. We stand beside our brothers at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they put their own bodies in harms way to save Mz Blue!

*SONAR. The US Navy intends to do HSTT (Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing), which is expected to kill many whales during ocean war games in the SE Pacific over a 5-year period starting January 2014.

*Ignorance. Education is the key, and we stand beside our brothers and sisters in Oceana and Greenpeace USA as they wage massive campaigns across the continent and world, educating and organizing the future ocean and Earth-warriors of tomorrow.

Here’s a great report on the Earth Day event from NRDC:

And now please sign and share some petitions…

From our brothers and sisters at Greenpeace:


Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

From us:

Coming up: Second annual ‘Thank You Whales’ August 17th, shirts buttons, available soon, better get one!

With love and respect,

joey racano

On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

Photo: Michael Fishbach

Earth Day 2013  Wash DC

Earth Day 2013 Wash DC