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Roses and Prayers

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Roses and Prayers

With roses and prayers, let abundance increase
said the good Brother Michael on a mission of peace
Ribbon Eels, Nudibranchs, Jellyfish strings
These are among the most beautiful things

Whale spouts cascading, migrations parading
A sailors return to a lover there waiting
Bubbles from deep, where the sea chose to keep
an anonymous wreck, hold still laden with teak

Depth without measure, oft laden with treasure
where divers seek danger and mermaids seek pleasure
Unbridled seahorses ridden by none
exposing the handle of Blue Beard’s own gun

So many secrets are kept by the sea
and we are the keepers of antiquity
Keepers of life, keepers of gold
And both may ye find there in that cargo hold!


(sign our petition against Navy Sonar please):

Thank you Brother Michael J Phillips for your part in our Thank You Whales ceremony Saturday in Avila! I am sure the good will you worked to create will keep bringing about miracles like this one below, news from our good friends at OCEANA:

‘We have some big news on seismic airgun testing this week! Thanks to the spirited debate brought on by activists like you, the Department of the Interior announced a six-month delay on their seismic airgun decision. This means we’ll see no seismic airgun blasts in the Atlantic this year and have more opportunities to convince them to make the right choice and halt testing for good’.

With love and respect,

joey racano

Photo: Diane Smith of Brother Michael

Brother Michael's Ceremony

Brother Michael’s Ceremony

Oriana of the Sea

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Oriana of the Sea

Oriana, Ocean Defender
Ocean wounded, you defend her
Pretty Mermaid dressed in spoils
plastic bags and aluminum foils
Lovely siren from the sea
Chant your music, set me free
Oriana Kalama, she of tales
Thanks for helping ‘Thank You Whales’!


(sign our petition against Navy Sonar please):

Our Second Annual Thank You Whales

As the sun set on Old Port Beach in Avila, the whales off the California coast knew some peace, as their land-locked brothers and sisters sent love wafting to sea.

Although the ocean and whales face dire threats, we know that the power of love conquers all power. Wildly diverse people gathered, joined hands, and absorbed a reverent sunset prayer under the beauty and guidance of holy men from different cultures. Thank you Fred Collins for your amazing words, that fell softer than the glowing fire and shone twice as bright, and Thank you, Brother Michael, for depositing our compassion -via pastel-colored rose buds- into the surf. I am sure they drifted out to where the leviathan sleeps, calming him, protecting him.

On behalf of everyone involved, Thank You Whales!’

Photos can be seen at

watch us on the news:

love and respect,

joey racano

photo: Oriana on the whale by Diane Smith

On Facebook:
stop the diablo canyon seismic testing

Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

stop navy sonar testing

Thank You Whales 2013

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
August 17th- make plans to be there!

August 17th- make plans to be there!

Get ready for the 3rd annual 'Thank You Whales' celebration, coming August 17th, 2013 on Old Port Beach in Avila, California. This yearly celebration commemorates the arrival of whales at the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in 2012. The whales arrived in pre-hunting numbers, coinciding with the Chumash celebration of their vollages and canoes known as 'Tomol', and it all happened just in time to garner the world media attention needed to Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing. Many people and organizations bonded together to help, and the California Coastal Commission played a leadership role, with their historic November 14th 'NO HIGH ENERGY 260 DECIBEL SEISMIC TESTING IN CALIFORNIA WATERS' decision, but it was the whales of Avila- a modern day bona fide miracle- that really saved 500 or so nautical miles of marine ecosystem!  This sponsors for Thank You Whales this year show those bonds have grown even stronger between us all, and we hope you will be there, August 17th, 2013, Old Port Beach, Avila, starts at 10:00am. Look for the huge whale statue!  *VERY* Special speakers!  Love and respect,  joey racano

2013 Sponsors of 2nd Annual Thank You Whales


Whales Besting Seismic Testing

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
art by R Moran

art by R Moran

Whales Besting Seismic Testing

With the lowest of the low hearing frequency ears
whales heard it first, before the others by years
The crashing and the smashing in the fathomless void
that had the fish ker-splashing and the squids annoyed

The threat was seismic testing, at a nuclear plant
Whales were put in danger by some reckless ant
And so, they got together a cetacean ensemble
with Orcas in the front (they never were very humble)

The Sperm Whales second, followed by Great Blue
and so on down a line that stretched to Kalamazoo

They headed for a beach in California, where
somebody built nukes on a quake fault there

And instead of finally taking old Diablo down
were attempting to instead just blast the sea with sound

Well, the whale-force crew swam at gale-force two
stopping only to refuel one time in kat-man-doo

The whales went west around the Cape of Good Hope
(One towed a raft of castaways by nylon rope!)

The Humpbacks breached and the Fins swam fast
Beaked whales homed on the offending blast
They planned to hit the beach right at Diablo’s gate
and if no one saw the whales, then they would sit and wait

In the Caribbean they were looking for an angle,
and wisely took it wide around Bermuda Triangle
They sang their songs and were joined by the throngs
who loved cetacean classics, teaching rights from wrongs

The Panama Canal was a challenge of its own
(with skeleton whales up on the shore, bleached bone)
They had to hold their breaths, staying hid beneath the water
(Otherwise the locks would never let them cross the border)

Finally in the end, they made it to the Central Coast
and people came from everywhere, like they had seen a ghost!
Now, it got so famous, it’s known throughout the world-
as the Miracle of Avila, and every boy and girl

knows August, 2012, when great whales came from the sea
to the gates of the Nuclear Power Plant, saying:

“Don’t you mess with me!”


New Progress on Whale Protection:

Keep it moving forward with great conservation, people! Right now, there are many bad guys who want to split the conservationists apart because we are starting to beat them. Don’t fall for it! Here are some examples: Cat lovers vs Bird lovers, Sea Lion lovers vs Salmon lovers at the Bonneville dam, and native peoples vs whale conservationists:

Remember this: we all have a lot to lose (a whole planet!) and we have a lot more in common than not. So the key to our survival and the species we love, is solidarity!

That is what ‘Thank You Whales’ is working on too!


Our fantastic THANK YOU WHALES event coming up in August (Aug 17th, on Old Port Beach in Avila, California) is now sponsored by an incredible array of kick you know what groups including:


Don’t buy into the divisive BS- One world, One ocean!

Keep fighting, keep signing, keep loving!

From Greenpeace:

From Oceana:

Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

With love and respect

joey racano

Thank You Whales

Monday, April 29th, 2013
August 17th- make plans to be there!

August 17th- make plans to be there!

Thank You Whales

Listen to the story, it’s a cautionary tale
of a seismic-test assault that was halted by the whales
whose historic appearance at the Avila shore
came with the message, “Don’t do it anymore!”

Sardine bait-balls were a whirling dervish
an army of anchovies pressed into service

Whale-adoring Pelicans dove into the waters
Kayaks followed close behind awe-struck paddle boarders

All brought together on a fateful summer day
when the whales of Captain Watson entered Avila Bay!

The show was on the internet in no time flat
Amazing though it seemed, whales were telling us that
seismic testing canons shot by PG&E
were killing all the creatures in the deep blue sea

The people of the land took heed of their cry
and called for protections so that none would die
Fought and won an epic battle, and what that entails
Now every year that passes we say, ‘Thank You Whales!’


As our whales continue to face pressure from whaling, seismic testing and war games around the globe, it is important that we ‘never forget’ the amazing day when whales swam right up to the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, arriving in pre-hunting numbers! Last year we decided we would remember by commemorating with a Thank You Whales celebration every year, and this year will be no exception.

By now, you’re probably amazed at the gorgeous artwork provided by Dolphin Shirt artist Royce McClure- so am I!
This art is featured on our event shirts and hoodies and they are emblazoned on the back with all our sponsors logos (which include the world’s best environmental groups), with feathers to acknowledge the Native American celebration of TOMOL (canoe), happening in the same place at the same time.

The Second Annual Thank You Whales will be held in Avila on Old Port Beach, near the fire rings. Dogs welcome!

There will be indigenous song and stories, a fire ring, kites, a speaker from Whale and Dolphin Watch, and our famous Thank You Whales sign making contest!

Last year the signs were beautiful and we expect more artistry this year too, so start designing yours.

For info on ordering your THANK YOU WHALES shirt or hoodie, e mail us at:

More later!

Have you heard the latest on Navy Sonar? Our friends at NRDC are working hard for the whales. Here’s the link. It’s 3 minutes on National Public Radio:

Finally, we’d like to thank our brother-in-arms Kurt Leiber and his fantastic ODA (Ocean defenders Alliance) out of Orange County, who have been removing deadly derelict nets from our ocean waters. This time, they dove with none other than the worlds foremost oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle! Check this out:

Well that’s it for now, get out there and save those whales!

with love and respect,

joey racano

artwork: Royce McClure

It Happened on Earth Day

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

It Happened on Earth Day

It happened on Earth Day, Washington, DC
A 90 foot Great Blue Whale came from the sea
Center stage, Freedom Plaza, she spread her great fins
Her message was, “Save me and everybody wins!”

The press did the coverage, the whale did the rest
Pin one more Earth-medal on Sir-Gershon’s chest
A great whale emergency in the Washington Post
Great Whale Conservancy, we love you the most!

joey’s note: you can read on, or skip to the bottom for petitions to sign…

An Ocean of Action!

What did you do on Earth Day? Did you celebrate, or did you make something cool happen and celebrate too? Don’t tell us, we already know the answer- this is a family of heroes! 🙂 Well, while you were out kicking butt, we want to tell you that our own beloved Mz Blue (a 90 foot long exact replica of an actual Great Blue Whale who lives in the Sea of Cortez, aka the Vermillion Sea’) was spotted on the grounds of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. She was bringing attention to the plight of our marine cousins from the many threats now facing them. These threats include:

*Ship strikes, which are becoming all too common. Recently in California, there was a proposal to move shipping lanes, but it was not enough to save Mz Blue. Those lanes must be moved outside of the Channel Islands, according to our experts!

*Seismic Testing. Even though places like Los Angeles are moving from coal to natural gas fired power plants, there will still be seismic testing to search for oil and natural gas, (as well as once through cooling which destroys plankton when sea water is pumped into intakes). Seismic testing is a threat to whales on both U.S. coasts as well as in 70% of the oceans around the globe!

*Noise pollution. Whales have very low voices and historically were able to talk across whole oceans! Now that has been reduced to 100 yards because of all the anthropomorphic noise. It needs to stop- after all, silence is golden!

*Whaling. Whaling is a barbaric olden days practice that needs to stop. We stand beside our brothers at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they put their own bodies in harms way to save Mz Blue!

*SONAR. The US Navy intends to do HSTT (Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing), which is expected to kill many whales during ocean war games in the SE Pacific over a 5-year period starting January 2014.

*Ignorance. Education is the key, and we stand beside our brothers and sisters in Oceana and Greenpeace USA as they wage massive campaigns across the continent and world, educating and organizing the future ocean and Earth-warriors of tomorrow.

Here’s a great report on the Earth Day event from NRDC:

And now please sign and share some petitions…

From our brothers and sisters at Greenpeace:


Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

From us:

Coming up: Second annual ‘Thank You Whales’ August 17th, shirts buttons, available soon, better get one!

With love and respect,

joey racano

On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

Photo: Michael Fishbach

Earth Day 2013  Wash DC

Earth Day 2013 Wash DC

Save the World in 30 Days

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Save the World in Thirty Days

With a whale of an emergency
I come to you with urgency
about a seismic test insurgency
converging on the virgin sea

As giant storms keep forming
we know the Earth is warming
The oil wars keep storming
but they just keep terraforming

Miles below the soil
The oil monkeys toil
Whole oceans they despoil
To quench their thirst for oil

Offshore rigs are fixtures
like global Jack the Rippers
They’re taking seismic pictures
Maxing out the Richters


Save the World in 30 Days:

A-C-T-I-O-N * A-L-E-R-T!

The issue is SEISMIC TESTING, and you know that ‘we’ are the specialists, right? 🙂 LET’S ROCK!

This comes to us by way of our brothers and sisters in OCEANA, who contacted our page and asked us to get this message out.

Recently, the Obama administration decided that if you really wanted to get the President’s attention, you should be able to garner at least 100,000 signatures for your issue. That is our challenge this time folks…

It is a message about such a petition that is streaking toward the needed 100,000 threshold the whales need to keep their ears intact:

With the Atlantic Coast about to get bombarded with seismic air canons that will certainly deafen our best friends under the sea (as well as ruin the ocean-based economy of 7 Atlantic seaboard states), famous TV and movie star *and known ocean warrior* TED DANSEN sends you this message today- we need 100,000 sigs and we have 30 days to gather them. Please please please * sign sign sign * and * share share share!

Here is the original message we got from OCEANA out of Washington DC:


I hope all is well. When we chatted a while back you asked if there was a way to help push back against the Atlantic seismic airgun proposal, and now there is, in a big way!

Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

We need 100,000 signatures in 30 days to get a response from the President! Can you send the petition out to the groups who worked with you against PG & E’s airguns in the Pacific and also post to your groups facebook page, twitter etc.? We are using the twitter hashtag: #seismic.

Our new seismic report, video and other materials available here: (key point of the report is that according to the Department of the Interior, 138,500 whales and dolphins could be injured by the proposed eight years of seismic airgun testing in an area twice the size of California!).

We could really use your help on this. Let us know, thanks!


Matthew Huelsenbeck | Marine Scientist
OCEANA | Protecting the World’s Oceans
1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, 5th Floor | Washington, DC 20036 USA
C +1.202.725.9560 | D +1.202.467.1924 | O +1.202.833.2070
E | W

NO SWEAT MATT- like I said on the phone, we are WAY on it.

OK folks, with lot’s coming up on our agenda (second annual THANK YOU WHALES event in Avila, California, and TOMOL (really awesome Native CHUMASH event, shirts, buttons, some hot issues from Latin American ocean activists, and Navy HSTT SONAR, we ‘gots’ work to do- together. Did I mention Tilikum? Free Tilly!

With much love and respect,

joey racano

photo: Fishbachbluefishbach2

Seismic Testing Defeated in California

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Joey Photo by Dan Bacher
~Sea Change~

Together we can change the world
back to back, Earth flag unfurled
Our green, the leaves; our gold, the sun
We dedicate water to the salmon run

Our friends are respected, and not vivisected
All of the creatures on Earth are connected
With hearts soft as Lupine and stronger than granite
we’re changing the course and healing our planet!

A wicked wind strafed the highway, as pea-soup fog crossed the bow of the ‘Scacciabong’. At the height of west-coast storm #3, the RV was lit up like a christmas tree but driving into a wall of cotton through horizontal rain, and zero visibility. The mission to Monterey was in grave doubt and the goal at this rough point was to simply survive the trip across Highway 46.

Conditions were so bad that a line of SUV’s, sat behind us, content to follow at a safe distance as high winds pushed our high-profile vehicle all over the road. I was sure our fog-lights were the only thing they could see anyway. I felt not unlike Captain Paul Watson in Antarctica, battling winds at the helm of the Farley Mowatt!

Finally, mercifully, we reached the 101 Freeway and moored at Jack-in-the-Box for nine of those addictive tacos and a break from the storm. “Supposed to clear up and be sunny by 2:00,” said a man pumping gas.

“I’d like to see that,” said I, “We’re headed for Monterey.”

Despite some rain, the rest of the journey North was uneventful, but the show was not. We arrived two hours early, camped outside the studio and fired up the Droid hotspot to check in with the world. Soon, Geoff Shester from the Monterey office of OCEANA arrived and climbed on board. He hit it right off with my German Shepherds, who sniffed him for information about the two cattle-dogs he has at home. I love dog people!

Hostess Michelle Jackson was next to arrive, and Sandra handed me a gift to give her; home-baked peanut butter caramel-kiss cookies and ‘white christmas dream-drops’ in a box shaped like a country house. They were a big hit, with Michelle messaging me several times later during the evening with superlatives like, “Yum!”

When Geoff and I entered the studio and put on our headphones, it was the first time we had worked together, but you’d never have known it. Saving the world brings the coolest people together and with Michelle leading us from one important conversation to the next, it was all smooth as a rain-slicked field of clover. Probably the most important thing to come out of the show was the important precedent-setting nature of the California Coastal Commission decision against the seismic testing proposed by PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), and the universal high praise for the work of their staff.

The staff report will be invaluable for the United States Department of the Interior toward establishing the dangers of seismic assaults on the marine environment in all U.S. waters, and even beyond.

We touched on so many important items and issues that it is probably best just to make a cup of tea, sit back and listen to the podcast.

Hear Podcast of Joey Racano on the Michelle Jackson Show with Geoff Shester of OCEANA:

I’m sure that is what the OCEANA big wigs will do in Washington DC. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship- and some much-needed ecological sanity!

Thanks to Michelle Jackson and KRXA ‘FOXY NEWS” in Monterey, thanks to the knowledgeable and well-spoken Geoff Shester of OCEANA, and thanks to our posse at ‘Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing’ page on Facebook, including everyone from individuals to Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Great Whales Conservancy, American Indian Movement and all our native brothers and sisters, the WhalesneedUS coalition, and anyone I didn’t mention!

Finally, congratulations to OCEANA on the announced lease sales for offshore wind generation. With a little bit of avian protection, this could be the dawn of a wind/solar win-win-wind!

Stay tuned next for more on our imperiled otters, 32 million missing dollars, and the big Christmas Day event featuring Brother Michael J. Phillips and your animals!

It’s time for a SEA CHANGE!

With love and respect

Joey Racano

On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing

photo: Dan Bacher

~Calling of the Whales Light & Kite festival~

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Mz Blue

Calling of the Whales Light & Kite Festival

Avila Beach, California  October 8th, 2012  4:00pm

~Mz Blue~

The lady wore azure couture, her eyes a shade of blue
Quite large for sure, too big to moor, she just came swimming through

From the Sea of Cortez toward Santa Ynez, on her way to attend
a Calling of the Whales Light Festival, and maybe meet a friend

On Avila Beach at 4:00pm, and you’re invited too
she’s ninety feet, and quite a treat, so come and meet ‘Mz Blue.’

Bring along a flashlight, and please don’t miss this date!
We plan to stop the seismic testing, and no, it’s not too late!

Such is the nature of people power that even as we begin a series of grueling regulatory meetings, the tide has begun to turn. By now, you know that seismic testing has been proposed for the Central and Southern Coasts of California, threatening almost 2,000 square nautical miles of ocean with becoming no more than submarine desert.

What devious minds, unthinking brains and unfeeling hearts could ever conjure this fate for Mother Ocean and her creatures is something we may never understand. But what we can understand is it’s time to take a stand, of our own!

Grandfather Poseidon must have heard our cry, and has thrust his Trident high, piercing the waters with a splash of fury, such as the likes of Pacific Gas and Electric has never known!

Greenpeace activists on the ground in San Luis Obispo attending our last festival (‘Thank You Whales’) called on their counterparts in Orange County, who called on their Washington DC Headquarters, starting a chain reaction of activist traction leading to an A-C-T-I-O-N Alert that gathered a staggering 50,000 signatures in one day! Our hats are off to Phil Kline and his great Greenpeace Ocean-protection machine, with a special shout out to Jessica Rodriguez down in ‘The OC’.

Our Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing facebook family is now fully endorsed by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Greenpeace, San Luis Obispo Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Outfall Group and more. Thanks to Greenpeace Oceans Campaign Manager Phil Kline in Washington DC for encouraging NRDC to reconsider their position, and they now stand with us against seismic testing!

We also thank Phil and Greenpeace for creating momentum to get the WhalesNeedUS (26 groups with 28 million members) coalition to draft a sign-on letter for the October California Coastal Commission meeting and having it delivered it to them. The WNUS coalition includes Greenpeace, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Humane Society, American Cetacean Society, Animal Welfare Institute and many more!

And so it begins, the trek to Sacramento to speak at the Fish and Game Commission’s ‘special meeting’ on September 24th. Greenpeace alone will be sending scores of activists, and so many of us are expected to attend that the meeting is being held in the auditorium of the Resources Building, 1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA. Here’s the Agenda:

The next meeting will be the California Coastal Commission, in Oceanside, California, Oct. 10th-12th. So make sure to join in our rally in Avila on October 8th at the Calling of the Whales Light and Kite festival.

Special thanks to Gershon Cohen for flying in from Alaska with his giant whale Mz Blue, carefully sculpted and painted to look exactly like the real Mz Blue, a 90 foot Great Blue Whale he knows and loves, having met her in the romantic Sea of Cortez. And now you can meet her too!

Until tomorrow,

with love and respect,

Joey Racano

Check out Gershon Cohen and all his great works at:

Gershon Cohen PhD
Project Director, Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters
Co-Director, Great Whale Conservancy
Earth Island Institute
Box 956, Haines, Alaska 99827

The Devil’s Bargain

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

 The Devil’s Bargain

Photo of Bruce Gibson at San Luis Bay Surfrider meeting by joey racano

The Devil’s Bargain

Measure cotton by the bale
Buy your shoes at the labor day sale
Half-off coupons in the mail
But how to put a price on a Great Blue Whale?

Barrels let us buy crude oil
Reynolds sells rolls of aluminum foil
But what will be the cost when the ocean starts to boil
and the shoreline fault is littered with marine life gone to spoil?

-joey racano

The Devil’s Bargain

It has been said that if a liar is good at what he does, he will control the parameters of an argument, and then allow for very spirited debate within those parameters. And so it was, that we, modern knights at a large square table, sat listening to the devil offering his bargain-

“How do we soundblast the ocean off Diablo Canyon? How do we destroy, not only all life within the Point Buchon State Marine Reserve, but destroy the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative itself, that created all the State Marine Reserves?”

“Do we blast the whales ears in at 260db every 63 seconds, 7 days a week for 80 days with a boat owned by a University, or do we blast the whales ears in at 260db every 63 seconds, 7 days a week for 80 days using a boat owned by the oil companies?”

This was the Devil’s offer. Nowhere was the conversation allowed to stray outside those parameters to include the question SHOULD WE BLAST THE WHALES EARS IN AT ALL?

With the San Luis Bay Surfrider Foundation, (arguably the most ocean-protective of all surfrider clubs) listening intently, San Luis Obispo Supervisor Bruce Gibson tried to make the case for increasing the scope of the soundblasting to what he called ‘the industry standard’, in other words, the oil industry standard, to get a better look at the subterranean topography offshore of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

And here were the questions we asked of him:

1. What can be accomplished by soundblasting the whales? Will Pacific Gas and Electric see how bad the earthquake faults are below the plant and make a decision to remove their power plant?

The place erupted in nervous laughter at the absurdity of it all.

2. The oil companies could never get permission for this type of blasting. Isn’t this a fortuitous turn of events for them if they wanted to search for offshore oil deposits in our State Marine Reserves?

3. If they do find oil while looking at earthquake faults, how do we know they will not come back later to develop offshore drilling?

4. Why is Diablo Canyon on the coast at all? Is the only reason being to use the seawater for their cooling intake, a process that destroys all life within the seawater it sucks in, including plankton, which are baby fish?

5. How do we distinguish the radiation Diablo puts into the sea (when people who work on the reactors are hosed off and that water is released to the sea) from the radiation arriving every day from Fukushima?

6. If you are here to pay off the fisherman, why instead don’t we use the Land and Water Conservation Fund (google it) to pay off PG & E to remove the plant forever?

And the most important question of all was, “How do we put a price on a Great Blue Whale?”

And the answer from the San Luis Obispo Supervisor was:

“That is not my focus.”
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