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Monday, January 13th, 2020
Poetry from the pen of Joseph John Racano

At the edge of space there is a star
The aliens called it Talamar
In its’ orbit seven moons
Float in silence like balloons

Though each the seven do differ
On only one does life occur
A one that holds an atmosphere
Supporting trees and birds and deer

From far and wide the travelers come
To see this moon and alien sun
Snapping holographic rays
While locked in orbit several days

Some do after breaking free
Reverse their holographs to see
Continental interaction
The oceans are a big attraction

Traveling families shoot to space
Comes another to replace
Keeping equilibrium
Talamar continuum

Where the ancients once did dwell
Talamar became a hell
Not for evil but for heat
Stars were never meant for feet

Simple atoms were ignited
Got the solar ball excited
Talamar exported winds
Warmth provided, life begins

Do come see us by the by
Hubble quadrant, western sky
Quite a fascinating place
Talamar, on the edge of space

joey racano

Mehgan Markle

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Mehgan Markle

by Joseph John Racano

Meghan Markle
How you sparkle
Shining light where
Once was darkful

Brought the best
Out of Prince Harry
Perfect man for
You to marry

Former Duchess
Come a Princess
‘Neath your beauty
Evil winces

Born to kindness
Not just fineness
Like Diana
Color blindness

Tugging heart strings
Helping Elephants
Making hopeful
We your celebrants

Broken free from
Windsor hassle
Kensington to
Disney Castle

Meghan Markle
How you sparkle
Shine your light
Where once was darkful

In this time of
Endless tragedy
Deep I bow
Before your majesty

joey racano