Dune Deaths to Continue

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Re: Driving on Oceano Dunes

Embassy Suites Hotel, San Luis Obispo California-

The California Coastal Commission met today to decide, among other issues, whether hundreds of oil-powered dune buggies, jeeps, cars, truck, RV’s and motorcycles should continue to be allowed to drive on the dunes. Testimony was given that the activity pollutes the air and runs over endangered Snowy Plovers, a tiny bird dependent on the sensitive natural habitat at Oceano Dunes. The parking lot was packed with stubble-bearded men in trucks with confederate flags flying from antennaes or painted on their tailgates.

The Commission decided to punt, after 6 hours of testimony and deliberation, clearly intimidated by the raucus crowd of OHV riders and advocates, who traveled from as far away as Fresno and Bakersfield to attend the meeting.

The Commission directed San Luis Obispo Public Works dept to come up with a plan sometime next year.

Many residents complained of breathing problems and the constant drumbeat of deadly accidents, day and night. This year set a new record for deadly incidents at the dunes.

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Don’t run over the Snowy Plover

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