Marching in Miami

700 months in a little pool-

700 months in a little pool-

Marching in Miami

They’re marching in Miami
to free Lolita who
spent 45 consecutive years
inside a petting zoo

The kids are so against it
They’ll March in Seattle too
Lolita don’t you worry we
will soon be there for you!

For 700 hundred months
they held you captive in a park
Feeding you dead fish
and pouring chlorine after dark

But now because of Blackfish
the world has woken up
And science says a mom’s still there
who longs to see her pup

They’re marching on Miami
and watching ’round the world
As one, Lolita lovers say:
It’s time to release the girl!


You can call Miami Seaquarium at: (305) 361-5705

More about the Miracle March for Lolita:

More about the ongoing Miami SeaQuarium Protests. Each week they turn away an increasing number of cars from the park!

Seattle Solidarity March for Lolita:

“She’s there now, but she belongs here!” We’ll join in solidarity with the Miracle March for Lolita in Miami, as well as those who stand with and for Lolita every week of the year. We all share the same dream and hope: that Lolita may retire and return to the Salish Sea. Please see pinned post for latest details, and keep inviting your friends, on and off Facebook.

Please respond “Going” if you’re local and can make it. Otherwise, “Maybe” to show support or get notifications.”

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joey racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group
On facebook: Free Tilly

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  1. admin says:

    Spoke to the Conroy Martinez Group, they handle PR for MSQ- I asked a few questions,

    1 have they had fungus problems because the Miami climate is too warm for an orca, and

    2 With Lolita part of the endangered Southern Resident Orca, Population, are they now or will they be working with USFWS about evacutaion to a sea pen for re-acclimation to the wild?

    They referred any questions to these 2 e mail addresses: and

    You can also use a form to submit questions at:

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