Festival Without a Clam

No More Clams

No More Clams


Festival without a Clam

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
His beach is famous for the clam
But Pismo’s Clam went on the lamb
You have no clams, Mr. Pismo Man

See the children how they ran
Ran to dig for Pismo Clam
But all they found within the sand
Were empty shells you placed by hand

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
Beach made famous by the clam
But you won’t get to fill your can
All you’ll get here is a tan

Grandpa filled his old Ford van
Fed his hogs with Pismo’s Clam
Now the Clam fest is a sham
In the end, the hog was man

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
Hide the truth long as you can
Come to clamfest, bring the fam
But no more clams, it’s only sand

joey racano

*How delusional to hold a Pismo Clam Festival when there are no more clams. Rather than have the children dig up empty clam shells, they should be shown the peril of the greed of their mothers and fathers and grandparents. Tell them where their clams went.


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