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Marvel or Mayhem?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Burning 'Marvel'

Burning ‘Marvel’

Marvel or mayhem?
Give me something slimy
Make it thick and black
Drill a hole with a bit on a pole
Behind the people’s back

Give the children something
They can do without
Blast a hole through bedrock
’till the dragon gushes out

Make the kids get asthma
You don’t give a f@!k
Long as yours are safe and sound
and you can make a buck

Maybe you saw the link or my letter in the Los Angeles Times in response to old oil rigs being left in the ocean to be called ‘reefs’. I got one response, obviously from some long-winded oil stooge and I will include the exchange below. But first, here’s the new news about how the BP oil has made the former Gulf of Mexico into an oily bath of death:

Translation? There’s an Exxon Valdez worth of oil slopping around the Macondo well on the dead gulf bottom, and far more languishing in the vicinity. And yet, here you have the brain dead Mr. Harris calling me names (my reply at bottom):

My letter:

Mr. Harris’s comment on my letter:

Stephen Harris – Indep.
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For those who are not familiar with offshore drilling operations to compare a $1.5 billion engineering and structural marvel, one of the finest examples of what engineers can do ever seen, to a shopping cart is simply ignorant. All oil companies have end-of-life (“EOL”) demolition and removal budgeted, in addition to massive State Federal bonding that goes into the hundreds of millions of dollars per unit. It is not the oil companies that are pushing for continuing usage of the substructure, usually over 100 feet from the surface for clearance, but the various state agencies and some true environmental outfits that actually have sued the companies to stop the de-commissioning of EOL units. The point is, if some underwater craft, like a US submarine, were to actually hit one of these “rigs-to-reef” projects then all major oils and independents know full well they will still have liability, so they have to correct such continuing liability or the millions of shareholders that are the actual owners of the major oil companies would fire all of the Board and Management if they left the company exposed in such a manner. Fortunately, for 15 years now, the waivers have been forthcoming sufficient to cover such potential liability and every single one of the rigs-to-reef projects have been absolute spectacular success stories as to natural habitats and the creation thereof. This is nothing new, except to “hit” bloggers and those looking for an excuse to undermine American energy security. « less
• 3 days ago

My response to Mr. Harris and his ‘marvel’:

• JoeyRacano
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Somebody please tell Mr. Harris that his 1.5 billion dollar marvel left an oily bathtub ring the size of Delaware in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember this: These rigs use the latest tech to digitally position themselves at precise coordinates in the ocean, but only to suck up the dirtiest, most primitive form of energy- oil. Some marvel.

Joey Racano
• Just now

-BP should be made to clean up every last bit of that oil and their #1 customer, the pentagon, should help them.


joey racano

Spirit Fawn

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Taught to Kill

Taught to Kill

Spirit Fawn

Gavin killed the Spirit Fawn
He walked and stalked until the dawn
He had no brains, he had no brawn
Abused by dad, his heart was gone

Gavin killed a Spirit Deer
At age 11, he lives in fear
It seems so strange at death to jeer
A boy so young and cold and queer

Gavin speared the Spirit Doe
His soul has nowhere up to go
A unicorn as white as snow
Too fair to live, the Albino

Gavin made our hearts go mad
Taught to hate the world by dad
A diamond life killed for a fad
Gavin has made many sad

Now soar the valleys, Spirit Fawn
Fairest Deer was ever born
True it is our hearts are torn
But every rosebush has its thorn

joey racano

Festival Without a Clam

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
No More Clams

No More Clams


Festival without a Clam

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
His beach is famous for the clam
But Pismo’s Clam went on the lamb
You have no clams, Mr. Pismo Man

See the children how they ran
Ran to dig for Pismo Clam
But all they found within the sand
Were empty shells you placed by hand

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
Beach made famous by the clam
But you won’t get to fill your can
All you’ll get here is a tan

Grandpa filled his old Ford van
Fed his hogs with Pismo’s Clam
Now the Clam fest is a sham
In the end, the hog was man

Man from Pismo, Pismo Man
Hide the truth long as you can
Come to clamfest, bring the fam
But no more clams, it’s only sand

joey racano

*How delusional to hold a Pismo Clam Festival when there are no more clams. Rather than have the children dig up empty clam shells, they should be shown the peril of the greed of their mothers and fathers and grandparents. Tell them where their clams went.…/68th-annual-pismo-beach-clam-festiva…/