When the Baleen Doors Slam Shut

Door slams shut!


When the Doors Slam Shut

No one could believe it
Whales were in the Bay
In numbers that had not been seen
for many long a day

A shutterbugs exclusive
Who gets to be that close?
Baleenoptera performance opera
In a mighty dose

Some drew near in kayaks
And birds danced on the nose
But you don’t want to be there
when that cavern starts to close!

Zooming in with cameras
Focus all in view
Zooming birds, excited words
And someone lost a shoe

Surfboards crossed the safety borders
Let me tell you whut-
WHUMP! You better back up when
The baleen doors slam shut!


Notes: Having evolved together in a sacred partnership, the Pelicans are in no danger. The whale in this photo waited patiently for the bird to fly out before closing up shop!

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Love and respect,

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

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