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Seminar with the Avatar

Thursday, February 20th, 2014
Seminar with the Avatar

Seminar with the Avatar

Seminar with the Avatar

A Potpourri of people lined up for the bus
We had no idea why they’d chosen us
There were natives and tribesmen and lawyers and loggers
Hermits and handymen, Jesuits and joggers

The strange looking soldier-like men in tall boots
Handed out billowy Velcro snap suits
Each of them sported a breast pocket patch
That showed when the pocket was closed with a latch

We barely had time to slip into our suits
before we departed for unknown pursuits
I drank it all in as I climbed on the rig
Never before had I seen one so big

The huge darkened windows, the streamlines of chrome
I wasn’t on board yet but missing my home
Whatever this was it was over my head
I plopped in my seat with a feeling of dread

My chair on the bus matched my billowy suit
No noise suggesting we didn’t pollute
We rose in the air without making a sound
Grasping our seats as the bus left the ground

In seconds it looked like we passed through the moon
through an opening that looked like a spinning typhoon
We exited that into colors so furious
we all shut our eyes but were just too dam curious

Watching ourselves from a distance ahead
Two of each person met up head to head
Some kind of inversion disturbing the time
My heart was afraid but the journey sublime

I looked out the window and off to my right
saw stars peeking out of the forever night
The left was the aisle where a husband and wife
sat frightened with others from all walks of life

Above us a portal administered gas
that spread through the cabin and calmed us down fast
The mist floated down as we floated ahead
Behind us was blue and in front of us red

It may have been years but it passed in a flash
We came to our senses in time for the splash
A voice from the cockpit said “We’re halfway through toil-
or, in your home language, we’ve just hit peak oil”

And yes, I could see all the stars slowing down
Outside the retros were whirring with sound
Ahead was what looked like a mixing of liquids
As old as the stars, or in Latin, antiquus

We fell in its midst like an egg into jello
The doors popped right open as if to say ‘hello’
We all were directed to exit the craft
where luminous ladies positioned our raft

The bus had been large, there were ten rafts in all
each drifting over a Niagara Fall
Down we went spiraling end over end
stopped on a landing then falling again

Finally we settled on top of a river
If white water takes, then this one was a giver
Everything calm in a crystalline blue
We entered a cavern and switched to canoe

We soon had no water, much like our own shortage
We carried canoes on our heads for the portage
Finally reaching a temple of gold
Where many a pauper and king left their soul

We feasted on mangos bananas and nuts
Grass skirted girls showed us to separate huts
And there on the walls were the writings of God
You couldn’t erase them, I found that quite odd

You just asked a question, the wall did the rest
Of oracles ever this one was the best
“Why was I born?” was the first thing I said
‘To feel what you’re feeling’ came written in red
“Is that why you brought me?” I queried right back
“Indeed” came the answer, “Now lie on your back”

Obeying the words, I lay flat on the bed
Where up on the ceiling, a video fed
It showed every image from man’s distant dawn
To war and pollution, how far it’s all gone

I saw the gulf gusher and spears pierced my heart
A fawn with her doe made me laugh with a start
A mushroom cloud loomed over several atolls
My body responded with bullet-like holes

With every clear image my heart skipped a beat
I wanted to run but could not feel my feet
I heard someone cry from one hut to another
A very strong man crying out for his mother

When the video ended the wall wrote in pen
‘Your time here is done; or else watch it again’
“I don’t understand, and I’ve come all this way-
Is there anything else you can teach me today?”

‘There was good on the Earth before man arrived
It is not up to God how you all live your lives.’
The wall started fading as some unseen hand
wrote, ‘And who ever said you were supposed to understand?’

Out of the cavern and back to the rafts
onto the river of summertime drafts
Up spun the falls in a shower of foam
We boarded the bus to the place we call home

Still often at night when the stars are a-twinkle
I dream of the space time continuum wrinkle
that gave me the chance to take part in the dance
of the Avatars seminar wisdom romance!


National Disgrace

Friday, February 7th, 2014
National Geographic" How best to kill it?"

National Geographic” How best to kill it?”

National Disgrace

National Geographic
Dance the light fantastic
But your soul has grown cold;
your morals elastic

Adventurous mag of my childhood
whisked me away from that neighborhood
But somewhere your heart washed ashore
In its place on your chest is an open sore

Nat Geo, what the hell-
Partying up to Royal Dutch Shell?
Leading the nation in oil exploration
Integrity on melancholy vacation

They’re up on the beach
And what do you teach?
The best way to kill them
You son of a…


Nat Geo is the sponsor of world oceans summit 2014 in Halfmoon Bay- *BUT* instead of pondering why the whales strand, the focus is better ways of euthanasia:

In our posting last week entitled ‘Haunted House on Half Moon Hill’, I wrote about the shameful participants in World Oceans Summit 2014, to be held in the Ritz Carlton mansion in Half Moon Bay later this month (Feb 24-27). The cost alone should get your attention! It’s several thousand dollars to get in the door!

The event is a whose who of ocean extraction and no action activist’s in activist inaction. Royal Dutch Shell, the worlds most deadly company, the World Bank, in charge of development in 89 countries around the world, and many others. All coming together pretending to be an environmental meeting, but instead it’s about carving up the ocean as they once subdivided the land.

And instead of asking their guests of honor why they are killing whales with seismic tests and sonar, and factory-overfishing and mining and more, instead, the focus is on easier ways to kill whales who dare wash ashore, causing embarrassment and scrutiny for these huge multi national corporations who want to extract our oceans to death.

Shame on National Geographic. Shell, burn in hell.

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

On Facebook:

stop navy sonar testing and

stop the diablo canyon seismic testing

Sacred Unions

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
Sacred Union

Sacred Union

Sacred Unions

The year of the horse runs its course
through valleys filled with snow
Distant cries fill Northern skies
and Borealis begins to glow

A hunters moon sheds its gold cocoon
and wolves begin to howl
The equinox opens up its box
for the solar winds to growl

Aurora slashes and her light storm flashes
taming a dark expanse
Her twin down south uses a fiery mouth
to encapsulate the worlds romance

Far below in the land of snow
the gathering of the pack
A timeless game that always ends the same
when the wolves begin to track

A signal here and a silence there
Hooves slow in a powdery snow
The quiet turns to din as the pack closes in
Led above by the raven and crow

Auroura Borealis entwines with the Australis
Sunlight making love in the ionosphere
A Wolf in his palace, kills without malice
Behold these Sacred Unions of the Atmosphere