Oriana of the Sea

Oriana of the Sea

Oriana, Ocean Defender
Ocean wounded, you defend her
Pretty Mermaid dressed in spoils
plastic bags and aluminum foils
Lovely siren from the sea
Chant your music, set me free
Oriana Kalama, she of tales
Thanks for helping ‘Thank You Whales’!


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Our Second Annual Thank You Whales

As the sun set on Old Port Beach in Avila, the whales off the California coast knew some peace, as their land-locked brothers and sisters sent love wafting to sea.

Although the ocean and whales face dire threats, we know that the power of love conquers all power. Wildly diverse people gathered, joined hands, and absorbed a reverent sunset prayer under the beauty and guidance of holy men from different cultures. Thank you Fred Collins for your amazing words, that fell softer than the glowing fire and shone twice as bright, and Thank you, Brother Michael, for depositing our compassion -via pastel-colored rose buds- into the surf. I am sure they drifted out to where the leviathan sleeps, calming him, protecting him.

On behalf of everyone involved, Thank You Whales!’

Photos can be seen at www.oceanoutfallgroup.com

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love and respect,

joey racano

photo: Oriana on the whale by Diane Smith

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Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

Princess Oriana rides the whale of peace in Avila

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