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Thank You Whales 2013

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
August 17th- make plans to be there!

August 17th- make plans to be there!

Get ready for the 3rd annual 'Thank You Whales' celebration, coming August 17th, 2013 on Old Port Beach in Avila, California. This yearly celebration commemorates the arrival of whales at the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in 2012. The whales arrived in pre-hunting numbers, coinciding with the Chumash celebration of their vollages and canoes known as 'Tomol', and it all happened just in time to garner the world media attention needed to Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing. Many people and organizations bonded together to help, and the California Coastal Commission played a leadership role, with their historic November 14th 'NO HIGH ENERGY 260 DECIBEL SEISMIC TESTING IN CALIFORNIA WATERS' decision, but it was the whales of Avila- a modern day bona fide miracle- that really saved 500 or so nautical miles of marine ecosystem!  This sponsors for Thank You Whales this year show those bonds have grown even stronger between us all, and we hope you will be there, August 17th, 2013, Old Port Beach, Avila, starts at 10:00am. Look for the huge whale statue!  *VERY* Special speakers!  Love and respect,  joey racano

2013 Sponsors of 2nd Annual Thank You Whales


Whales Besting Seismic Testing

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
art by R Moran

art by R Moran

Whales Besting Seismic Testing

With the lowest of the low hearing frequency ears
whales heard it first, before the others by years
The crashing and the smashing in the fathomless void
that had the fish ker-splashing and the squids annoyed

The threat was seismic testing, at a nuclear plant
Whales were put in danger by some reckless ant
And so, they got together a cetacean ensemble
with Orcas in the front (they never were very humble)

The Sperm Whales second, followed by Great Blue
and so on down a line that stretched to Kalamazoo

They headed for a beach in California, where
somebody built nukes on a quake fault there

And instead of finally taking old Diablo down
were attempting to instead just blast the sea with sound

Well, the whale-force crew swam at gale-force two
stopping only to refuel one time in kat-man-doo

The whales went west around the Cape of Good Hope
(One towed a raft of castaways by nylon rope!)

The Humpbacks breached and the Fins swam fast
Beaked whales homed on the offending blast
They planned to hit the beach right at Diablo’s gate
and if no one saw the whales, then they would sit and wait

In the Caribbean they were looking for an angle,
and wisely took it wide around Bermuda Triangle
They sang their songs and were joined by the throngs
who loved cetacean classics, teaching rights from wrongs

The Panama Canal was a challenge of its own
(with skeleton whales up on the shore, bleached bone)
They had to hold their breaths, staying hid beneath the water
(Otherwise the locks would never let them cross the border)

Finally in the end, they made it to the Central Coast
and people came from everywhere, like they had seen a ghost!
Now, it got so famous, it’s known throughout the world-
as the Miracle of Avila, and every boy and girl

knows August, 2012, when great whales came from the sea
to the gates of the Nuclear Power Plant, saying:

“Don’t you mess with me!”


New Progress on Whale Protection:

Keep it moving forward with great conservation, people! Right now, there are many bad guys who want to split the conservationists apart because we are starting to beat them. Don’t fall for it! Here are some examples: Cat lovers vs Bird lovers, Sea Lion lovers vs Salmon lovers at the Bonneville dam, and native peoples vs whale conservationists:

Remember this: we all have a lot to lose (a whole planet!) and we have a lot more in common than not. So the key to our survival and the species we love, is solidarity!

That is what ‘Thank You Whales’ is working on too!


Our fantastic THANK YOU WHALES event coming up in August (Aug 17th, on Old Port Beach in Avila, California) is now sponsored by an incredible array of kick you know what groups including:


Don’t buy into the divisive BS- One world, One ocean!

Keep fighting, keep signing, keep loving!

From Greenpeace:

From Oceana:

Ted Danson agreed to author a petition against seismic testing in the Atlantic:

With love and respect

joey racano