~Apocalypse Now, New Paradigm, Soon!~

Power of lOVE
~Apocalypse Now, New Paradigm, Soon!~

We need seismic testing right here and right there
Without it we simply can’t blow dry our hair

It locates the oil and natural gas

for use in the humvees of pentagon brass

And what would we do without nuclear power
that’s made for an eon and used for an hour

What you call a blackout is just a new moon
‘Apocalypse now’, a ‘New paradigm’ -soon!

Power of Love

As the Buddhist Monks walked through our area to raise awareness and peace, we had the great pleasure of hosting them for an evening of stories and mirth, prayers around a campfire, songs, and lessons. A Nun handed me a gift which she got from our friends at the American Indian Movement. It was a stuffed toy turtle. As she handed it to me, she said, “Turtle Island.”

She went on to explain that native peoples called North America Turtle Island because it is in the shape of a turtle!

When she told me I was going to have a long life, I was inspired to make this spontaneous quote: “I want to live long enough for all the love inside of me to get outside of me, where it belongs.”

Everyone in our large prayer circle answered with, “Ho!”

The following morning, we all met at the gates of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant in Avila Beach, the scene of the Whale miracle several months earlier, which eventually led to the defeat of seismic testing in California waters. Of all the days for it to rain (and we needed the rain!) it chose to rain yesterday, on 12/12/12, starting exactly as the 30 of us set out on our 12 mile Peace Walk from Avila to San Luis Obispo.

I personally made it 6 miles before my feet registered their official complaint, which was serious blisters! But on the way I met the best people I ever have, felt the most love I ever felt, and came away as very thankful for being part of it.

A special thanks to Brother Michael J. Phillips, the Benedictine Monk who journeyed through heavy snows and rains to join the Peace Walk, and did such a great job as our TV news spokesperson.


Michael will lead an amazing program to bless the ocean and animals on Christmas Day, 2:30pm at North Point in Morro Bay. Please be there with us!

Info on the Christmas blessing: 805 835-6688

Next week begins the next journey- against seismic testing on the mid-Atlantic coast!


Love and Respect,

Joey Racano

Photo: Diane Tootle Smith

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