~Calling of the Whales Light & Kite festival~

Mz Blue

Calling of the Whales Light & Kite Festival

Avila Beach, California  October 8th, 2012  4:00pm

~Mz Blue~

The lady wore azure couture, her eyes a shade of blue
Quite large for sure, too big to moor, she just came swimming through

From the Sea of Cortez toward Santa Ynez, on her way to attend
a Calling of the Whales Light Festival, and maybe meet a friend

On Avila Beach at 4:00pm, and you’re invited too
she’s ninety feet, and quite a treat, so come and meet ‘Mz Blue.’

Bring along a flashlight, and please don’t miss this date!
We plan to stop the seismic testing, and no, it’s not too late!

Such is the nature of people power that even as we begin a series of grueling regulatory meetings, the tide has begun to turn. By now, you know that seismic testing has been proposed for the Central and Southern Coasts of California, threatening almost 2,000 square nautical miles of ocean with becoming no more than submarine desert.

What devious minds, unthinking brains and unfeeling hearts could ever conjure this fate for Mother Ocean and her creatures is something we may never understand. But what we can understand is it’s time to take a stand, of our own!

Grandfather Poseidon must have heard our cry, and has thrust his Trident high, piercing the waters with a splash of fury, such as the likes of Pacific Gas and Electric has never known!

Greenpeace activists on the ground in San Luis Obispo attending our last festival (‘Thank You Whales’) called on their counterparts in Orange County, who called on their Washington DC Headquarters, starting a chain reaction of activist traction leading to an A-C-T-I-O-N Alert that gathered a staggering 50,000 signatures in one day! Our hats are off to Phil Kline and his great Greenpeace Ocean-protection machine, with a special shout out to Jessica Rodriguez down in ‘The OC’.

Our Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing facebook family is now fully endorsed by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Greenpeace, San Luis Obispo Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Outfall Group and more. Thanks to Greenpeace Oceans Campaign Manager Phil Kline in Washington DC for encouraging NRDC to reconsider their position, and they now stand with us against seismic testing!

We also thank Phil and Greenpeace for creating momentum to get the WhalesNeedUS (26 groups with 28 million members) coalition to draft a sign-on letter for the October California Coastal Commission meeting and having it delivered it to them. The WNUS coalition includes Greenpeace, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Humane Society, American Cetacean Society, Animal Welfare Institute and many more!

And so it begins, the trek to Sacramento to speak at the Fish and Game Commission’s ‘special meeting’ on September 24th. Greenpeace alone will be sending scores of activists, and so many of us are expected to attend that the meeting is being held in the auditorium of the Resources Building, 1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA. Here’s the Agenda: http://www.fgc.ca.gov/meetings/2012/092412agd.pdf

The next meeting will be the California Coastal Commission, in Oceanside, California, Oct. 10th-12th. So make sure to join in our rally in Avila on October 8th at the Calling of the Whales Light and Kite festival.

Special thanks to Gershon Cohen for flying in from Alaska with his giant whale Mz Blue, carefully sculpted and painted to look exactly like the real Mz Blue, a 90 foot Great Blue Whale he knows and loves, having met her in the romantic Sea of Cortez. And now you can meet her too!

Until tomorrow,

with love and respect,

Joey Racano

Check out Gershon Cohen and all his great works at:

Gershon Cohen PhD
Project Director, Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters
Co-Director, Great Whale Conservancy
Earth Island Institute
Box 956, Haines, Alaska 99827

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