Sleek Leviathan

Blue Whale

Sleek Leviathan

“And if you’ll please walk this way folks, you will see suspended from the ceiling, a lifelike replica cast around a real skeleton of what used to be the largest creature that ever lived on Earth; the Great Blue Whale! A sleek leviathan, a streamlined thing of beauty and grace, more intelligent than any human and rather gentle too. The last known specimen was killed -alongside her calf- in 2014, when the US Navy and Chevron accidentally set off two seperate seismic tests at the same time.”

Giving in to Industry

In today’s New York Times, is a feel-good story about how whales can ‘hold their ears’ to accommodate oil company greed, military games and whatever else we are blasting the oceans with sound for. Please note the lack of spine displayed by those interviewed in the story who fail to stand up and speak out against such malevolence. Here in California, we must stand up for our newly minted Marine Protected Areas, also threatened, by a cocaphony of seismic blasting at Diablo Nuclear Power Plant.

Coming soon:  our own developing story about the CCRWQCB (Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board) and how they are thumbing their nose at all our State Marine Reserves in the name of short term profits for a toxic polluting industry they are supposed to regulate!

-joey racano

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