‘The Fluffy Bandito’

 The Fluffy Banditos!

‘Fluffy Bandito’

The Fluffy Bandito who comes out at four
brought five fluffy presents to my sliding glass door

I let down my guard; my defenses apart
allowed five furry cuteballs to abscond with my heart

“Banditos wearing masks!” was all I could report
and five of the six were still too young for court

So they stood in a lineup, and I recognized one-
their sweet loving mama, by the crook in her thumb

“Why did you do it?” I asked;

She said, “Dude…you started it all when you put out the food.”

I knew she was right, but it didn’t seem fair;

No heart is a match for striped puff balls of hair!

When the detective asked me if that was the one,

I simply said “No- I can tell by the thumb”.

And they say to this day, when the moon is on high

and clouds shaped like stallions stampede through the sky

that the Fluffy Bandito comes to my back door

comes ’round about four

comes crunching

comes munching

comes bunching!

-joey racano

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