How the West was Lost, Part II- Sewage Terminators, Rise of the Ocean Outfall Group

Sewage Terminators

How the West was lost: Sewage Terminators; Rise of the Ocean Outfall Group
by joey racano

…And so the three of us founded the Ocean Outfall Group of California, with a mission to stop the 301h waiver Orange County was using to dump 240 million gallons a day of filthy sewage just off Huntington Beach. Things got really crazy when the beaches were closed on the 4th of july because of bacteria. Despite a lot of lies from elected officials and the Orange County Sanitation District, we knew where it (the bacteria) was coming from. Dr Vandersloot was a dermatologist from Newport Beach who was also one of the nations best environmentalists, brilliant, and altruistic. Doug Korthof was the formost proponent of solar power and electric cars, my teacher, best friend and a lot more, and I was the big trouble maker. Put it this way- when I was a little boy, the neighbors in Long Island bought me a shirt that read: ‘Here comes trouble’, showing great forsight.

I decided to run for Huntington Beach City Council, and it didn’t go over well with the Orange County developers or their own personal police force, the Huntington Beach Police Department. They harassed me to no end, once even escorting me out of town with a police chopper flying above the car after a fiery speech at city hall! Although this picture was photoshopped by a friend as a joke, there was an actual interview on the beach interrupted by the HB Independent when a police chopper did indeed hover mere feet over our heads!

It wasn’t too long before they got wise and started using OC Animal control to try chasing me out of town by constantly taking my dog to the pound. Eventually, they almost killed him and I did have to move away- but not before we made the shot-heard-round-the-world, when we stopped the sewage waiver forever!

Next: Do us a favor- get rid of the waiver!

our founder
      Joey Racano: ‘Weapon of mass discussion

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