Beam with Pride


EarthSourceMedia Reports for October 19th, 2010

Beam with Pride

by joey racano

‘Watch it gleam

the Sacred Beam

A nation’s soul

a hero’s dream

Flags, not flowers

strife, not stream

Kill what’s green

and love machine’

With an urgency, the truck bob-tailed down the empty highway, hitting speeds upwards of 90 mph. A motorcycle escort wound behind, ridden by a string of paramilitary bikers. All were jack-booted, leather britched, and eyeing the precious cargo through sunglasses, darkly.  

Farmer Jake and wife stood at the roadside, reveling in the whirlwind as the convoy whooshed by, sandy grit on their tongues proving to themselves and all the world their love for the country. They hadn’t been this excited since they stood right here at this very spot to watch the Olympic torch-bearers jog by at 3:30am that patriotic night 45 years ago, you betcha.

The opaque windows of the truck’s cab shielded prying eyes from the important secret doings going on up there, and heck, thought the farmer- that’s how come our nation hasn’t been attacked again since 9-11.  “Ready Edith Ann?” he asked. She nodded. “Then hang on!” He maneuvered his old Indian onto the roadway and gunned the throttle, joining in a line of what was now hundreds of motorcycles, motorbikes, Vespas, BMW’s, Harley’s, Hondas and dune buggies. This was it- a real and factual ‘I’ beam from the wreckage of the New York World Trade Center, blown up on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001, coming through Coatesville, Pennsylvania on the back of a flatbed on its way to a place of honor. The tears made driving difficult for the riders.

“Look at that, daddy!” said the young boy standing with his pop on the freeway overpass, “Here it comes!”

The convoy was now a thousand or so strong and had slowed to 70mph to wave at the cheering, flag-waving crowds lined up along either side of the road. Many chose to stand on the overpasses and bridges above, where heaven could see their patriotic fervor.

Suddenly, a women up ahead was entering the crosswalk where the freeway wend through town, her child at her side and brown shopping bags in hand. She never saw it coming.

SCKREEEEEEEEECH!! went the truck, burning rubber wafting through the air on a soft breeze. The heavy iron beam clanged as it bounced along the pavement, finally stopping an inch from the now unconscious woman.

“Christmas, what the heck was she thinking?” lamented the driver. “Mommy!” cried the little girl.

One by one, as the paramedics snapped into action, ambulance doors opened wide. “She’s heavier than she looks”, said one of them.

“Sure!”, said the other- “She had to be, to support all that weight from the 100 stories above! ”Together, gently, gingerly, with ever-such-care, they cradled the precious beam and placed her in the ambulance. A doctor in a military uniform listened intently for a moment through his stethoscope, and declared that everything was ok- the beam had a close call, but was going to be fine. Soldiers dragged the woman to the curbside and gave the little girl a pat on the head. “Now there there, doncha worry, little one- she didn’t hurt it none”.

Like the chariot of Helios, the truck and I beam resumed their sacred journey westward.  As the convoy reached the wooded regions, all was snowy save for the tall grasses growing by the roadside. They swayed in the wind like a Polynesian dance troupe and a small herd of deer nibbled at them.

On a nearby side road, a long line of privately owned camouflaged vehicles waited to join in on the patriotic display. There were jeeps, pickups, vans and all covered with military netting stuffed full of leaves and such. The trees along the road sported autumn leaves that swirled in the wind as the procession wheeled past, fall colors shouting a color-cacophony that rivaled the trucks own din.

“Dang!” shouted a man in a duck hunters cap. “Dang! I hope them leaves don’t get all over that shiny beam of metal now. Dang!”“Aw, don’t worry Maury” said his co-pilot. “At this speed, them leaves’ll get blowed away anyhow. Besides, this place looks like it’ll make another great spot for one of these 9-11 memorial tributes, soons we cut back all them old Fir Trees and what. They look like they’ve been here 200 years now, and that’s long enough I reckon!”

Up ahead, the truck driver sounded a blast from his air horn, scattering deer across the roadway and causing a small avalanche in the surrounding mountains. The picturesque whiteness lost its icy grip and plunged deep into the valley, leaving behind barren dirt where the snow had shown resplendent. At 75mph, it took a hundred yards to slow the vehicles to a stop. Several policemen and National Guardsman emerged from the truck and walked over to where a fawn lay bloodied and dying. “Filthy creature” spat the Guardsman, as he used a clean white rag to wipe blood from the precious I-beam.

They re-entered the truck and in a few minutes were rolling along west again at high speed. Many miles rolled beneath their wheels without a stop. By the time the truck and it’s sacred cargo had run out of continent, there was a 50-mile line of vehicles behind them. The giant convoy might be likened to a serpentine animal, one having swallowed up all manner of tea baggers, republicans, democrats, fireman, policeman, code enforcement people, pesticide bug-spray guys, loggers, commercial fisherman, christians, hunters, contractors, tradesmen, clergy, neo conservatives and Nazis, all swimming in cammo and American flags, wearing flag lapel pins and Oakland raiders jackets.

When the truck finally reached the end of the line somewhere south of Big Sur, California, the entire procession never got a chance to stop as they all careened over the 1400 foot cliff. But they did get one last moment to reflect upon what truly is or isn’t sacred as they were swallowed up in the timeless blue of the mighty Pacific. 

 joey racano

our founder

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