Hex-On, by EXXON


EarthSourceMedia Reports for July 28th, 2010

Hex-On, by EXXON

“Mommy I don’t wanna eat fish no more, mommy!”

“Oh there there, it’s all right now. Just remember what Gramma used to say- ‘boil boil, foil the oil, food won’t spoil, draws won’t soil’!

Does this sound familiar to you? Well now there’s no need to give up fish any longer- after all, fish contain important nutrients for your family to keep them healthy, active and happy- for a life on the go!

Take ‘Hex-On’ Corexit, the pill that detects it- If you’re immersed in dispersant, new ‘Hex-On’ corrects it!’

“Gramma, can I have another fish fillet please?”

“Of course Bobby, you can eat all you want….thanks to ‘Hex-On Corexit!”

So remember folks, when there’s no oil on the surface, danger still lurks below- but now you don’t have to worry- when you use new and improved ‘Hex-On’- by Exxon!

By joey racano

joey racano

our founder

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