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EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 3rd, 2009


And you thought the Edmond Fitzgerald had problems? The USS New York, a brand-spanking-new ‘amphibious transport dock’ ship cruised maliciously into New York Harbor Monday morning loaded with 7.5 tons of World Trade Center steel! The first thing that comes to mind is, “That’s heavy!”, but then, this is what you can call a ‘close encounter of the 9-11 kind’, the kind designed to erase your mind, to coin a phrase.

While it’s true the Edmond Fitzgerald carried a load of iron ore and this tub of shit is carrying only 14,000 lbs of cordite-melted steel from the biggest inside job ever pulled, the situation here is far more dangerous. This warship is a symbol, a symbol of hate, of American imperialism, of the supremecy of fossil fuel as the continued weapon of choice for mass destruction, and the all-out OK to keep sending kids to die over a big fat lie.

But we do educate those kids who fight and die for Cheney-pie; we sit them in front of violent video games for the first 12 years of their life, breed them into mindless, remorseless, heartless thoughtless killers, and it works, until they discover girls at about 13.

Then, after stewing in their own hormones for the next few years, at 17, they discover that they can become heroes and get laid real easy if they join the US military! Of course, this may entail losing your legs, eyes and killing a few so-called ‘Sand Niggers’, but- hey! The babes! The uniform! The babes!

Incoming!! Oops, off goes your nose and toes, but shit, if I can just hang on ’till furlough, that betty jones keeps sending me the hottest perfumed letters, practically begging for the ol’ ba-da-bing! Some things just never change. So, what can we do about it? Well, the first thing would be to make all junior high students watch the movie, ‘Johnny Got His Gun’. Remember that one? Dude came home from some fucking war with no arms, legs or face, but still alive. Couldn’t even tell anyone who he really was, and the whole movie is him dreaming about the little things, the sun, his sweet heart, oh yeah, and the nurse finally gives him a blow job. Poor guy, in the end she communicates via morse code and he keeps asking her to kill him. She finally tries, but is thwarted and fired. D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-N-G!

I remember going home after seeing it, and laying in my room listening to ‘Just an Old fashioned Love Song’ by Three Dog Night. Hell, I still enlisted a year or two later! And boy was I sorry, when I went to the fleet and found out what a silly, pointless Micky Mouse operation it all was. But for me, Viet Nam was just ending, and I didn’t see combat. I sure as shit wouldn’t want to be a young guy today, about to be sold down the river by the good folks of the USA! A bloodthirsty lot.

Look bro, if you want to join anyway, do me one favor before you go- just get someone who supports the troops to promise that if you come back without use of your extremities, they’ll stay with you for the rest of your life to turn you over every two hours so you won’t get nasty bed sores. That’s what I call supporting the troops!

Then again, some folks are more like me- I tend to support kids and then young men, but the minute you sign up as a tool and a fool, as soon as you surrender your mind and consent to be blind, as soon as you swear off fun that doesn’t include a gun- I ain’t supportin’ shit! Put on the uniform the rich white man dresses you up in and we’re ka-putz bro. No crew cut Nazi fireman jerkoff friends for me, no my brother.

Why? Because I know dam well its gonna be you who pulls up in a troop carrier on my nieghborhood corner one day to set up the road blocks, thats why. Because you and your gun and your training and red white and blue brainwashing are all designed to enforce the rules of the extraction industry. And no thanks, I’m really not in the mood for your vaccine right now, thanks anyway though. What’s that? If I don’t accept the vaccine I have to get on that bus to the detention center in Arizona? Second ammendment, don’t fail us now!

As a native New Yorker, I’m appalled about the new ‘hate symbol ship’ being named the New York. Instead of World Trade Center steel, it should have been built from New Orleans Superdome steel!

As an environmentalist, I’m appalled the LA Times has a story on page 1 about birding in the East Sierras and another about war games in the East Sierras on page 6! That’s it really- the Earth or War.

And as a US Navy veteran, it makes me sick that you ask us to ‘never forget’ the violent events of war. Of course! If we forget, we might have peace and that wouldn’t work for you now would it?

You don’t have our best interests in mind. You don’t want us to be vigilant. You do want to enslave us.


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