~The Berryessa Bluebird~

 Berryessa Bluebirds

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for March 18th, 2009

~The Berryessa Bluebird~ 

On the shores of Berryessa

in the early days of spring

when Aluetian Geese ride a stiff March breeze

and the birds begin to sing

the Berryessa Bluebird flew into my life

from beneath the cloak of a lichened oak

and he brought along his wife

The lake was a misty madness

that made it hard to see

around or through the drops of dew

that moistened our RV

He stood before our mirror

reflecting on himself

his back a hue of electric blue

his manner none of stealth

It may have been the peanuts

It could have been the seeds

It might have been the Blackbirds there

were using all the reeds

He took on his reflection

to its challenge he did rise

For the bird of his affection

he would fight until he dies

He hollered, “What’s the password?”

His rival did the same

They shouted at the exact same time,

“Who goes there- what’s your name?”

But he hadn’t needed worry

for the handsome bird in blue

was his very own reflection

Mr. Bluebird- it’s just you!

joey racano

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joey racano 

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  1. Nancy says:

    Lovely pix of the Bluebirds and wonderful poetry, Joey! I would like permission to add the picture and your poem to the Bluebird Nest Box Project page http://pvsb-audubon.org/bluebirdproject.html on our website. Dan and I maintain a trail of 10 Bluebird nest boxes in Harbor Park (Wilmington), California and it’s a labor of love and a cause dear to our hearts.

    Hugs to you, Joey! Nancy and Dan, your “old” Mystic Oaks friends

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