Crash Landing

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for January 17th, 2009

‘Crash Landing’

Arriving back in San Diego yesterday after a 2 month, 16-state odyssey, I was greeted by a front page article in the San Diego Union Tribune that seemed more of a propaganda piece than a story. “SeaWorld to showcase sex-selected bottlenose dolphin”, the headline read. EarthSourceMedia translation? “More rape at SeaWorld, where nothing is sacred but the mighty buck”. It reminded me of a story last year where one of the ‘amusement park’s’ captive Orcas ‘attacked’ a ‘trainer’. Upon reading deeper into the issue, I found that the ‘trainer’ was giving the whale a sonogram in hopes of artificial insemination- in other words, raping the whale!

It never ceases to amaze us here at ESM, the incredible double-standard by which we treat people and animals. Run over a convicted murderer-turned-homeless alcoholic bum, and there’s yellow tape, bright lights, detectives and an investigation. But run over a bobcat, coyote, deer, bear or raccoon, and there is only the thump-thump-thump of tires, as they transform a once beautiful and vital creature into flat and blackened piece of debris, a mere spot on the road.

Such was the case of the ‘heroic’ pilot who safely landed an American Airlines plane with 155 aboard into the Hudson River. Not a word as to the plight of a large flock of Aleutian Geese, resplendent in their black and white tuxedos, honking and flapping great wings as they headed home toward the island chain for which they are named (‘Canada’ Geese are actually called ‘Aleutian’ Geese). Not a care for those living Geese left behind, honking for their mates. Geese are monogamous and mate for life. So are ducks. I once came upon a pair of mallards snuggled together at the shore of a pond. Because of the terrain, I had no choice but to approach them, and as I did, only the female took off. When I got to the male, who stood there motionless, I touched him and he fell to dust. She had never abandoned him.  

I remember in SouthWest Florida a few years ago when they built the SouthWest Florida Regional Airport- right next to a wetland! No birds there, right? They just didn’t seem to care.

And such is the test of man. As we hurtle through blackness on a spinning rock, blessed with a mother ocean, what do we do? We use that ocean as a dump for sewage, as though it were a trash bin. (That’s why I’m so glad to be back in San Diego, last of the giant sewage dumpers- here comes a ton of bad publicity; stay tuned on that one, along with the inaugeration of Barack Obama and his Clean Water Act mandate. Read more at: The mighty Orca, in a swimming pool, being poked with cold surgical instruments, fed dead fish and bathed in chlorine. SeaWorld, indeed! The matter is purely one of spirit. After all, they, we and the Geese share a common destiny.

And so our kind is tested; in the quarter we afford these creatures, in the dignity we assign them, by the size of our hearts and the love within those hearts- such is the measure of man.

“Flight 1549, requesting permission to land”

“Negative 1549, there’s a flock of Aleutian Geese on that vector and it looks like they’ve got young- wait one”

“Roger that, control”

“1549, throttle back and veer around to runway 7, bank 23 degrees left, circle once then prepare to land. They should be out of there by then”

“Copy that and out”

“1549, that was smooth. All clear- you’re a real hero”

From the icy waters of the Hudson, to the frigid winds of the Aelutian Islands, to the tropical warmth within the hearts of caring people, this is joey racano for EarthSourceMedia saying, “goodnight and go with graceful wings!”  -ESM

 -joey racano


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  1. Gael says:

    Has there ever been anyone who considered the flight path of migrating birds when they sit over their drawing boards to contemplate how they will build an airport?

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