Neon Lake Leon

Neon Lake Leon 

EarthSourceMedia Reports for January 3rd, 2009

‘Neon Lake Leon’

1 month into the whirlind USA tour now, and EarthSourceMedia has collected up a barrel full of great pics, great stories and great adventure! Let me share a bit…

There is something to be said for making all those random decisions and wrong turns that, in the end, lead you to a place like Lake Leon. Situated in Eastland, Texas, our mighty ‘Skacciabong’ now sits on the north shore of a dam-created lake, and once you get over the obvious sad tale of any dammed river, the beauty and serenity is astounding. ‘No Service’ screamed my cell phone, and of course, this just as it says, ‘1 new voicemail’.  So let the suspense kill me, I’ll check it at some point on the road to our next stop, Tuscon, Arizona.

But I must wonder, was it Barack obama offering me some high-level position in his administration? Hmm. It would be possible if reports didn’t already show that I might say something embarassing on TV or something anytime some industrial bully tried to hurt a little Red Squirrel like the one my dog has been watching at the base of a tree on the shoreline. But in my own defense, I must say I know how to give orders though- such as, “Trinka, No! Leave daddy’s nice squirrel alone!” And there are repercussions too. The dogs have been angry ever since yesterday when Sandra remembered we kept a big bag of peanuts stowed below decks and I spread them out beneath that line of trees. Gorgeous trees, sparse for the season, making for such lovely sillouhettes.

So very much has happened on the trip and of course there’s just no real time to stop and tell it all. Like what, you ask? Like we bought my sister a herd of Buffalo, for her ranch in Farmersville Texas, how’s that for starters? A sister I hadn’t seen in 40 years, and we’re like twins! And the Buffalo! Bought from a Lakota named Arby Littlesoldier, a grandson of Sitting Bull no less, who handed me a Buffalo skull as a gift of honor! It’s sitting on the dash for now because it’s too big to fit anywhere else except the bed. I am so stoked. Can’t wait to paint it. (

This RV park, called NorthShore RV Park, is both remote and beautiful, with these cool little lights at each parking slot that shine amber in the dark of night. Mornings bring heavenly glory, an occasional fishing scow backlit and sillouhetted, the entire primordial scene illuminated by the sun. There are some housing pads already cut, where homes may one day be built but have been delayed by the housing ‘crisis’. Ya gotta love that housing crisis!! Cormorants sit drying their wings atop sun-bleached tree stumps, relics of a forest that once stood beside a flowing river, now long-since drowned by the dam.

As one who has lived on the mighty Pacific for the last 18 years, these shores are quiet, believe me, and the bleached rocks are littered with an occasional turtle carapace and the skulls of gigantic carp who dwell within. In a place like this, it is hard to envision mortars or rockets or rat race. Hopefully someday, when we have enough trouble envisioning the toys of discontent, they will vanish forever. But not so, the neon of Lake Leon.

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