‘Up Your Ash (clean coal or dirty dems?)’

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for December 28th, 2008

‘Up Your Ash (clean coal or dirty dems?)’

The EarthSourceMedia whirlwind tour is now in Vicksburg, Mississippi, our 11th state. On our way, we have seen some incredible commentary on the state of the nation, such as in the form of a giant confederate flag looming atop a 100′ flag pole on the I-75 Interstate Highway, just as you drive into Tampa, Florida. As in thousands upon thousands of dead deer, ‘possums, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, hawks, armadillos, badgers and other wildlife crushed on the roadways, and as in logging, mudslides and clear cuts in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, many dogs left abandoned on the highwaysides throughout Alabama (I thought you guys loved dogs?), and other assorted ignorance various and sundry. The trip has had it’s high points, like when we saved a turtle off the freeway, and it’s low points, like when my neice handed me a calander of scantily-clad fireman (one being her husband) in leiu of a family dinner.

But wherever I roam, I never forget the journalist angle, and have been keeping a close eye on the goings-on, both globally and locally. In that spirit, I would like to make some comments and observations:

Laura Bush and Condi Rice are saying the Bush presidency has not been a failure. We here at EarthSourceMedia agree wholeheartedly, so long as he was trying to destroy America, kill a million people, ravage the worlds ecology and economy, and set the stage for ‘1984’.

   A relative of someone who died aboard ‘Flight 93′ (the ill-fated jet of “Let’s roll!” fame, that was hijacked and subsequently crashed in a field outside of Philladelphia) is asking Bush to take by force the land needed for a 2,000+ acre memorial from the owner. Now, wouldn’t that just be the greatest precedent to set, stealing private land to build a symbol for the American fascist movement? Then, Bush can use ’eminent domain’ to usurp 2 square feet from every lawn in America to build a flag pole, where an American flag -at least 10 feet X 20 feet- shall be displayed 365 days a year, ready to be moved to half-mast at a moments notice whenever anyone in the military, police, or fire department kills themselves after shooting their estranged wife and her new lover. -ESM

While flipping through the channels, I came upon an eery site, right out of ‘V’ is for Vendetta’: As a camera rolled showing World Wrestling Federation stars (obviously on hiatus from shooting steroids and then their loved ones) visiting our troops, in the background was the face of our fearless leader George W. Bush saying things like, “These are the real heroes”, and “For these past 8 years, we’ve worked together to free the world from terrorism” and other assorted ignorant war-mongering nonsensical double-talk, designed especially to brainwash the youth at home watching, in hopes some of them will go and enlist and head for Afghanistan. The only thing greater than my revulsion for that stupid talking head who will hopefully vanish into oblivion a month from now, was my astonishment at how sci-fi like these events are becoming in real life. I was waiting for a puff of smoke and for him to exclaim, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”  -ESM

And then, there are the Israelis, just-a-bomb, bomb, bombing away at Gaza even as we speak, killing more then several hundred people in the last two days alone, supposedly because they are ‘sick of the violence’. If these assholes are Gods chosen people, then God has not chosen wisely. -jr

Finally, how could I do a blog without mentioning the billion gallon spill of coal ash into the waterways of our heartland that has been largely kept out of the mainstream press because both the democrats and the republicans are kissing the butt of big coal? That’s a billion gallons, like a hundred Exxon Valdez spills!! Clean coal indeed!

Well, that’s our show for today- hope to be with you again on a daily basis as soon as this traveling calms down a bit. So, for EarthSourceMedia, this is joey racano saying, ‘goodnight and go with grace!’  -ESM

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