‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas’


Bald Eagle in Fort Myers, Fla. – Racano photo 

EarthSourceMedia Reports for Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2008

‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas’

by joey racano

Twas the fight before christmas, we were all in our beds,

not a blogger was stirring, after threats from the feds

After reading through the USA Today with care,

I wanted to curse them, but I didn’t dare!

They were after a blogger at the top of page 3,

and I couldn’t be sure if that blogger was me!

Throughout the whole article to my surprise,

Department of Homeland Security tries

to search through our blogs for terrorist ties,

while the rest of America eats pumpkin pies!

Now, what kind of christmas can we have at home,

when these fascist nazis won’t leave anyone alone?

Especially scary, is the fact that it’s they

who spread terror, and take hard-won freedoms away!

So do me a favor, as the holiday draws near-

Blog your ass off through Christmas -and have a happy new year!

joey racano

(Editor, EarthSourceMedia)

 joey racano

our founder

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