EarthSourceMedia’s 2008 MAN of the YEAR

EarthSourceMedia Reports for December 16th, 2008

MAN of the YEAR 2008

As our readers know, we are currently on the road and writing intermittently through a blizzard of stormy ice. Thus far, EarthSourceMedia has covered 8 states gathering photos and facts and stories for future broadcast. However, (as was stolen from us by TIME MAGAZINE), we present to the public each year she or he who best exemplifies those qualities that may well yet save the Earth; courage, conviction, service in the name of that which is greater than ourselves. And we have named our model for the year ending in just a few days. His name is Muntather Al-Zaidi, a name that will be sung at campfires in the centuries to come (of course, we say campfires because mankind will be reduced to such small tribal gatherings in the not-too-distant future due to radiation, persistant poisons, logging, and warfare- see ya there, don't forget to bring flint and some stone implements).

Muntather Al-Zaidi is awarded the ESM MAN of the YEAR for excellence in journalism and bravery in the face of fascism. Unfortunately, he is already being tortured in an American-run concentration camp and will likely eventually be executed. But enough with the sad details- ladies and gentleman of the EarthSourceMedia family, we give you hope. We give you a bright and shining light. We give you a hero! We give you Muntather Al-Zaidi!

above and beyond!

Muntather Al-Zaidi

Now, as you watch the delightful video above over and over again, like the last pitch of a world series no hitter, it behooves you to listen to the blathering idiot American reporters who won't even give the real words this brave journalist said as he threw strike after strike, right down the middle. Due to the broad yellow stripe down the back of these do-nothing, know nothing, stand-for-nothing lady reporters, it falls upon EarthSourceMedia to give the actual words this heroic figure said...(ESM style, of course!)

From the press booth high in a 'skybox' above the baseball diamond:

*(Yes, it's a, a little glarey in here at gametime but it should- it, it should  be one for the record books, don't you think? Marv? Marv? MARV! Will you stop biting the lady for a moment and...

Oh, yes, sorry, sorry, -can you pass me that napkin? Yes, She-

Good christ get a hold of yourself man- NO NO! Thats not what I mean! ...oh whats the-

...and so here's the pitch as Muntather Al-Zaidi checks the runner, chews a bit-o tobacca, and winds, deals, delivers a -STRIKE!* right down the middle of that petty coward of a dictator who thinks God wanted him to steal the 2000 election and wait- let's go to the HERO-CAM for a listen to Muntather Al-Zaidi:

"Here is your farewell kiss, you kalb (dog)!"

And the secret service is stunned! Not a movement to aid their deranged leader and former cocaine addict George W. Bush, now known to have suppressed information that would have stopped the war in Iraq, spied on millions of Americans illegally, betrayed the identity of Valerie Plame, a US secret agent during time of war (firing squad?) and authorized torture and kidnapping of citizens of the world. No, these guys are too focused on letting Barack Obama get killed by white supremacists, as was reported in national news that Bush denied Obama's request to move his family into the safety of the white house guest house. No, the Bushies would like to let them be exposed to danger, thankyouverymuch.

And here's the second pitch, as he rears back to throw, and a high leg kick and back to the HERO-CAM an mic for a listen:

"And this one, dog, is for all the widows and dead children you son of a stinking ..."

Wow! Did you see that one Marv? A true hero in this day and age! And the reporters on MSNBC, what gutless fascist collaborators not to report the man's actual words but instead the press called this a 'security scare'. Yes, we at EarthSourceMedia call it a security scare alright- we're all scared because the security is getting so out of control we'll all have to get an iris scan to go to the corner market soon!

And as we are denied reporting on the Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rice Ashcroft Gonzales crimes by a bought and paid for spineless media who would rather report on the impeachment of the Illinois governor (while Bush walks free!) and other lesser crimes that should be relegated to the end of a long list while we as Americans back up the international community and try our own leaders for the war crimes they continue to this day to commit.

Until that golden day when we drag our butts off the floor and get our great country back into the game, at least we can take heart in the heroic deeds of world citizens like Muntather Al-Zaidi. Want to do something for America? Demand the immediate release of Muntather Al-Zaidi!

Hoping your gameface if still the sameface... 

For EarthSourceMedia, this is joey racano saying, Goodnight and go with grace".  -ESM 


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