EarthSourceMedia Reports for December 1st, 2008


In an underwhelming announcement that has as much to do with ‘change’ as a dollar only store, President Elect Barack Obama announced his choices for cabinet-level positions in the new administration. One choice EarthSourceMedia agrees with is Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Hillary is like a white Condoleezza Rice who has never had an oil tanker named after her. What she does have though, are poise, experience and intelligence, making her an excellent choice for Secretary of State. But we disagree with keeping Robert Gates on, or anyone that would serve to remind us of the darkest days in American history. Even darker days seem poised to come; an ominous story in the Washington Post reports that the National Guard and Reserves will be joined together and deployed within the United States, numbering about 20,000 troops by 2011. Such a force constitutes the gravest of threats to Posse Comitatus, a 130 year old law forbidding military law enforcement in the streets of America. The spectre of such standing armies among the people bodes ill for a free future. The stated mission of this force is to respond to a nuclear attack or other domestic catastrophe, like, say, a citizen uprising trying to wrest control of our collective destiny from the hands of leaders who would deploy such a force in the first place. And such an uprising seems certain to come, as water, air and food become poisoned, conditions become impossibly crowded, family members get iris-scanned entering and leaving neighborhoods, and mail-carriers forcibly administer vaccines with armed sheriffs standing by. With the direction we’re headed, citizens may soon find those young, sweet-faced ‘heroes’ in camoflauge who have been serving so proudly, will soon be serving us- to big brother on a silver platter.

Rounding out Obama’s choices are Retired Marine General James Jones as National Security Advisor, Eric Holder as Attorney General, Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security (the new ‘Gestapo’), and Susan Rice as Ambassador to the United Nations (anyone’s better than John Bolton). All in all, things are looking pretty abysmal. It would be hard to imagine any meaningful, substantive change taking place under such an administration, especially in time to do anything about the real problems we face, such as climate change. Incidentally, today is opening day of climate negotiations.


The United Nations Climate talks begin today with 10,600 delegates from 190 countries attending. I found the story, all 1 paragraph of it, in the USA Today buried on page 3 next to a photo of a black male with the heading: ‘Collier: Lineman shot 14 times’. No telling if George W. Bush will attend. In light of such tepid cabinet choices by Obama and the remote chance of real change, I think Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (www.seashepherd.org) said it best- “We are going to have to feel the full brunt of global warming”. Not a pretty picture. -ESM


With the announcement today of Hillary Clinton as the new Secretary of State, husband and former President Bill Clinton felt compelled to create an aire of transparency, and has divulged all contributers to his Presidential Library. The identities of more than 200,000 individuals and groups have been disclosed, including an unnamed service provided by ‘The Monica Lewinsky Presidential Relief Fund’. 

Houston, Texas:

As was reported here at EarthSourceMedia, America winds up to have been smack-dab in the middle of the violence in mexico. It turns out that all the weapons are being bought in Houston. Said J. Dewey Webb, special agent in charge of the Houston division of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, “Our investigations show Houston is the top source for firearms going into Mexico”.

Modesto, California:

The Reverend Joseph Illo is pastor of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Modesto, but may well think he’s actually Saint Joseph himself, after telling parishioners in a mass -and in a follow-up letter- that if they voted for Barack Obama, they should go to confession because of Obama’s pro-abortion stance. As one Joseph to another, I hope you’ll allow me to point out the absurdity of being anti-abortion and pro-war. Puzzling.


Senator Arlen Spector has decided he will indeed run for reelection saying, “No matter who my opponent is, I’ll be ready”. His campaign took a major hit though, when geneologists uncovered a shocking revelation- his brother turns out to be Phil Spector, weirdo musicali suspected of shooting a woman after a night drinking at House of Blues in Los Angeles. They may end up running mates, or Phil might write Arlen a campaign theme song.

Mogadishu, Somalia:

A large amount of soon-to-be doctors and other professionals have defied the odds here in this war-torn country by graduating from medical and law school. Lately there has been a surge of Somali students graduating with degrees in seamanship, majoring in piracy.

And finally today at EarthSourceMedia, ‘SPECIAL OPERATIONS’ read the full-page ad in USA Today. Not your usual foundation, it continued. Yes, a full page appeal for money to go toward helping our men formerly in uniform who used to be those Seals, or Rangers, Green berets, Air Commandos and other ‘special ops’ personnel. And a worthy cause it is- the government they served for doesn’t care if they’re out starving in the street or sweating through bloody nightmares each night ’till dawn. These guys need help- and so does daddy’s little sweetheart every time she kisses him on the cheek and he wakes up with her in a jungle strangle-hold. Oh, 4th of July must be wonderful for these guys. Bam! Blap!


“Yes- can you come right away? 220 spingord street- he’s got the cat, he’s up on the roof with an 11 inch knife at little morris’s throat again- HURRY!”

So, send that money fast, because special forces needs your help. These guys gave their all- especially their nervous systems- so help ’em now, because George W. Bush, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense sure won’t. Too busy sending the money to Wall Street.

Thanks for stopping by- I’m joey racano for EarthSourceMedia saying, “Goodnight and go witth- *GLURK* lemme go- I was only kidding sir- I know we all owe you a debt of gratitud*GLURK-GLURK* ahh- IcantBREATHE- GLURK* ugghh- go with grace- ahh- :”


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