Chevron and On and On


EarthSourceMedia Reports for December 2nd, 2008

‘Chevron and On and On’

A sailor’s worst nightmare on the high seas is tugging and tugging on the anchor chain and finding out the anchor isn’t attached. Such is the case with our court system. The courts were once the anchor of our democracy, but they are no longer attached. We found this out when then-Chief Justice Rehnquist gave the order to halt the vote counting in Florida, ending the 2000 presidential election and effectively appointing George W. Bush President of the United States. The rest is history.

Well those courts are leaving their mark again in today’s news. Let’s start by heading into the jungles of the dark continent- got your safari hat and a mosquito net? let’s go!

In parts of Africa where U.S. oil companies exploit the peoples and their natural resources, one theme constantly plays out, over and over again; Oil companies get third-world country leaders to sign over all mineral rights to them, in exchange for, say, $100 million dollars being directed to an offshore account in Los Angeles, all in that particular third world leaders name. A personal account. They always say yes (except for Hugo Chavez, our ‘enemy’).

Soon, the oil is pumping north and west at breakneck pace, bobbing and floating (and  sometimes spilling) toward that land where the streets are paved with gold: ‘Amay-dick-a’- “Got-blase- Amay-dick-a”, as those now ultra-rich third world leaders fondly call their benefactor. And with all that new inspiration, the leaders are willing to turn their backs on the despoliation of their environment peoples, and sacred lands. One tribe actually made world news when they threatened to commit mass-suicide- an entire people willing to perish in protest! But this destruction and treachery is all for a good cause, we at EarthSourceMedia do realize. We need that oil so men with crew cuts and paint on their pants can drive their white pickup trucks with the Oakland Raiders stickers 90 miles an hour on rural roads running over skunks and ‘possums to get to the next jobsite on time.     

Meanwhile, back in the impoverished oil-laden nation, the poor sometimes puncture holes in the pipelines and use bowls to scoop up precious petro- not to use, but to sell for money to buy food and life necessities. But our oil companies are ready for them! They hire their fellow villagers to keep a close watch, stand by until just the right moment. When the puddle of fuel is an inch or so deep, and 60 or 70 of their fellow tribesman are stooping and scooping, they pull out their official box of Chevron-Texaco ‘nobody steals from us’ matches, and ‘WHOOSHH!* That place goes up like a thousand Joan-of-Arcs riding Mrs. O’leary’s cow through a tinder box!

And as they dance in their deaths like marionettes, we here at home can rest safely for the holidays, assured that our fuel that somehow had inexplicably found itself wedged beneath their soil, is on its way to us in time for that trip to grandmas. Of course, sometimes these villagers don’t steal or sell. They stage a demonstration. Something to get a message of injustice out to the world, such as, ‘Why aren’t we being hired, since you’re taking our resources, despoiling our sacred land? (Of course, this is a waste of time because the word  ‘sacred’ isn’t in the American vocabulary). Well, one such demonstration took place on a Chevron oil platform. Chevron heard the cry of these people. The oil giant understood their plight. They knew justice must be done. So they hired the banana republic’s local army, who went to the platform and shot all the protesters, some in the back as they ran away. So they took ’em to court. The people’s court!

San Francisco, California:

A federal jury in San Francisco found Chevron not guilty Monday of any wrong-doing in the shooting of Nigerian villagers who had occupied an offshore oil barge in 1998 to protest the companies environmental and hiring policies, today’s San Francisco Chronicle reported. Two were killed and two wounded by security forces summoned by Chevron. The villagers were unarmed. EarthSourceMedia doesn’t understand how Chevron could not be responsible for the actions of a security force that they had summoned.  Chevron says it will aggressively fight a similar case in Equador. Do big oil companies destroy lives and ecology with impunity all over the world? People do. -ESM


‘Change-change-change, change the fools…’ (sung to the tune of ‘chain, chain, chain’)…

Here comes the change- I can feel it now. Here at EarthSourceMedia, we are so excited about the ‘change’ Barack’s new cabinet is bringing. Especially that James L. Jones Jr., the retired marine general. I mean, who would make a better National Security Advisor than Jimmy, who also happens to be a board-member of Chevron? Just like Condaleezza Rice was. That’s what I call change! Other reasons to be optimistic about this appointment is that the new National Security Advisor/Chevron Board-member leads a group that challenges global warming! I know we at ESM are supposed to keep our composure as journalists, but- is there no end to the madness? And if that weren’t bad enough, the guy shares a name with Jim Jones of Jonestown Kool-aid fame.  Shall we toast?


Brazil has announced it’s intention to reduce by half the amount of rainforest it cuts annually by the year 2018. In 2018, that amount will be reduced to ‘only’ 2,259 square miles. The goal is to help combat global warming. EarthSourceMedia is a big fan of well-executed ‘spin’, and this one’s a doozy. At 2,000 square miles a year ’till 2018 (which is 10 years off), Brazil is saying they are going to help combat global warming by cutting over 20,000 square miles of rainforest. Brilliant. -ESM 

Raymondville, Texas:

Yes, good ol’ Raymondville- legal hub of America, center of the litigation universe! Or, is Raymondville, texas one of those places where people with rotten teeth polish their Dick Cheney for class president ads in a school newspaper they saved from 1932? In any case, judge Manuel Banales ruled charges brought against Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales were invalid on a technicality. Two alternate jurors who had been part of the panel that day had not been properly seated.  The judge warned Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra not to bring any more charges against Cheney or Gonzales and even warned him to go home and be careful.

The charges said Cheney and Gonzales were likely involved in a coverup to protect their investment in a private prison scam, by using their influence to stifle an investigation into prisoner abuse. When will America get the picture? The Bush cabal is above the law, and the way they got there was by stacking the judicial deck far in advance. EarthSourceMedia lends advice to Americans who think the worst is over- the Supreme and other courts -including appeals courts- have been sorely tainted and ‘you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. -ESM

From the soiled home of Nigerian fire dancers, to darkeners of skies and their black robes of injustice, I’m joey racano for EarthSourceMedia saying, “Goodnight and go with grace”.  -ESM


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