‘Spare Change for a Nuclear Missile?’

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 27th, 2008

‘Spare Change for a Nuclear Missile?’

New York:

Researchers reported Wednesday that when older people are subjected to distractions they have problems with memory functions. Apparently this problem begins by age 40-60. Another interesting- (oops, one moment please) “Yes dear? No, thank you.” Anyway, another interesting… “Can somebody please turn down the television?” Now- what was I saying? Darn; can’t seem to remember. -ESM

Sacramento, California:

Former California Democratic Party Speaker of the House Fabian Nunez has joined a consulting firm headed by Steve Schmidt, who ran election campaigns for both Schwarzenegger and McCain. Mercury Public Affairs  made the announcement Wednesday. According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the addition of Nunez to the 9-person office gives Mercury a Democrat with high name recognition. According to EarthSourceMedia, it gives Mercury a Democrat with a lack of ethics and a high threshold for corruption and dirty politics. While trying to get the California Coastal Commission to give an o.k. to a famous friend’s golf course a while back (Clint Eastwood, Peter Ueberroth and Arnold Palmer wanted to build another golf course at Pebble Beach, cutting 17,000 Monterrey Pines) Nunez pulled his normal Coastal Commissioners (House Speaker appoints 4), and put in alternates, so they could vote ‘yes’ to the dirty deed. Typical Democratic corruption. Fortunately, other Commissioners saw what was happening, postponed the vote and the darn thing failed. There were casualties though- Commission Chair Meg Caldwell, a lovely and brilliant Stanford Law Professor, was removed from the Commission for her vote against the project. Meg now works on the Marine Life Protection Act. -Inside scoop here at EarthSourceMedia!

Orlando, Florida:

A Florida mother is charged with killing her missing three year old daughter, and police have found that someone used her home computer to search for ‘neck breaking’ and ‘household weapons’. Not a good sign. EarthSourceMedia wants an investigation of George W. Bush’s computer to see if searches were done for, ‘false information to start war’ or ‘retroactive war crime legal protection’.


Barack and Michelle Obama are making it clear their daughters will not be spared household chores as the ‘first kids’. To the contrary, white-house workers have been told to let the girls make their own beds. They may also be made to pour foundations for, frame, and build a new wing to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. To keep them grounded.

Paso Robles, California:

Representatives for the 2009 AMGEN bike race will be passing out booklets on the history of bicycling and bike safety to students grades 4-6. The 800 mile AMGEN ‘tour’ comes through the area February 19th. EarthSourceMedia hopes someone will also pass these kids booklets on the horrors of vivisection (weirdo experiments on animals). AMGEN, based in Thousand Oaks, California, is the worlds largest vivisector of animals. -ESM 


This years hurricane season set records. Not so much for the amount of people killed, but for the damage they caused. According to Judith Curry, an atmospheric scientist at Georgia Tech, “It was pretty relentless in a large number of big strikes. We didn’t have the huge monster where many lost their lives, but we had a lot of damage, a lot of damage”. EarthSourceMedia sees this damage as a light at the end of the tunnel. According to the whitehouse visitor log, it was the oil companies who crafted America’s current energy policies, and so we shouldn’t expect our government to cut fossil fuel consumption, which of course, is the root cause for the more frequent and destructive storms. But, as was the case with the tobacco companies, the government starts to take notice when the money it costs to treat smokers at emergency rooms surpasses the amount of money big tobacco pumps into the political process. So it shall be with property damage from fossil fuel intensified weather. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel.


Like a mini-dark ages, the terrible events of the last eight years draws to a close. As it does, the waning political power of the most evil of world leaders leaves them vulnerable, finally, to being held accountable for their misdeeds. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is one of these, and will soon be brought to trial for double charging the Jewish people for trips abroad. This is the man who met with George Bush last week and said, “Bush will be remembered by posterity as a man who brought safety and security to the world”.  EarthSourceMedia thinks Bush will be remembered for other reasons, such as wreaking havoc on people, politics, pocketbooks and planet.


In an indication of the fantastic job George W. Bush and the idiots who once rabidly supported him have done in their idiotic ‘war on terror’, armed  teams struck all over India with coordinated terror attacks, killing over 100 people and taking others hostage. They attacked the largest train station in Mumbai, a theater, two 5-star hotels and the Taj Mahal Palace. The attackers appear to have focused on Americans and Britons. Hey, weren’t those the two countries that invaded Iraq, killed a million people stole the oil and hung the president? As Bush exits office, the horrendous conditions he and his dictatorial scorched-Earth policies have created are becoming increasingly clear to even his most staunch supporters. Spare change for a nuclear missile?  

Red Bluff, California:

A brother and sister were found guilty of cremating their deceased mother’s remains in the backyard and collecting $25,000.00 in social security and pension checks. They disposed of her remains on a corner by a local cemetery. “Bye mom- we love you. We’ll always think of you whenever we pass this corner”. EarthSourceMedia knows it was inevitable they’d get caught anyway. Probably when the checks totaled $200,000.00 and the people from Guiness book of world records found out the old lady was turning 145. -ESM


A former firefighter got 40 years for starting fires. Arson investigators say one fire, blown by the wind, burned 1,000 acres and killed over 200 sheep. Many firefighters start the fires they fight. Some people just need to feel needed.


Moving at breakneck speed to fill administration posts, President elect Barack Obama has yet again ‘reached across the aisle’ in appointing and retaining people who are not only center-right, but even far right. One choice (to head the CIA) was deemed so aligned with Bush’s policies that liberal groups persuaded Obama to reconsider it entirely. But here at EarthSourceMedia, we want our readers to focus not only on what Barack is doing, but what it is he isn’t doing. He has chosen one from column A, one from column B, but he hasn’t chosen anyone from the left. How about Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to head the EPA?

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For EarthSourceMedia, I’m joey racano saying “Goodnight and go with grace”. -ESM 

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