‘Crude Behavior’


EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 18th, 2008

 ‘Crude Behavior’

 “Know that you are but human, not a god…”  -The Oracle at Delphi


If there were any doubts that a vote for Obama was a vote for anything but change, let’s look at the scorecard; Obama has kept Joe Lieberman at the helm of the Committee on Homeland Security despite his support for McCain and an illegal war. He chose Biden as VP despite the fact Biden was the first key democrat to kiss Bush’s bootstraps on the war, and Obamas advisors have come out and said Guantanamo interogators being charged for torture was ‘unlikely’. It is the opinion of EarthSourceMedia that the only hope for meaningful change under Obama is when the black militant population of America rises up to administer true justice.


As the Whitehouse and Senate Democrats argue over a $25 billion dollar aid package for the big three automakers, proponents of the EV-1 electric car are rallying behind Nate Holden, former State senator and Los Angeles City Councilman, who is calling for conditions to be placed on such a bailout. EarthSourceMedia presents excerpts from a letter written by Holden, now circulating among the Zero-Emmission Vehicle (ZEV) crowd:

(We must) “..fight to hold General Motors and other auto
manufacturers feet to the fire..”  “….I strongly urge
Congress to withhold any bailout funds from the auto industry,
unless and until the industry agrees to mass-produce (electric cars).”

“Congress should not under any circumstances release the bailout
money to automobile manufacturers without making these demands.
Without the demands the automobile manufacturers would just continue
with “business as usual.” Manufacturing gas-guzzlers, which would
increase our dependency on the middle-east oil producing countries.                                                                                                                    (We) ..should demand that the conditions that were
incorporated in the funding legislation of the $25 Billion loan
package of September 2008 should be adhered to…”

“…contact Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of the United States
Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and
each of your local member of Congress, to let them know that any
deviation on their part from the conditions of the loan approved in
September will not be tolerated.”

Nate Holden
California State Senate, ret
Los Angeles City Council, ret.”

More info on how to get involved on this website under, ‘AIR’  -ESM

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Anybody who’s ever seen a photo of Dubai knows what the unholy marriage of capitalism and fossil fuel consumption gone wild looks like. Skyscrapers spring up daily, a thousand glass panes twinkling in the sunlight, streets paved with a gold-tinge, the entire city alive with decadence and hubris. But  wealth for some also means poverty for others. The more wild and flamboyant the wealth, the more stark the want. For us here at EarthSourceMedia, our thoughts drift to the teachings of Lao Tzu who wrote in his Tao Te Ching, “When a people are treated with severity, they become cunning”. So now, we take it to the next level; the face of capitalism, consumption, avarice -indeed the face of the modern world- surely glows red with embarrassment at the escalated stakes in our war on our own planet. Yesterday, Somali pirates seized an entire, fully-loaded Saudi oil supertanker! Now, goddamit folks, I’m not making this up- there is an oil supertanker, over a thousand feet long, loaded with about 2 million barrels of oil, haphazardly floating about on the high seas, dangerously cat-and-mousing with ocean-borne sea traffic amid the busiest shipping lanes in the world! And worst of all, this floating environmental time-bomb is being piloted by a rag-tag crew of pirates with the balls of Sarah Palin. Although these pirates have no way to sell the crude, they may hold it for ransom- or they could cause an environmental calamity. There simply couldn’t be a worse-case scenario or a better commercial for why we need electric cars. EarthSourceMedia will be watching this one and watching it closely.  

Los Osos, California:

Cummins engine roaring it’s approval of the biodiesel fuel it was consuming, my RV made its way to a quaint little hamlet called ‘Baywood Park’, where a strong cup of ‘alligator roast’ coffee awaited. On the way, a schoolbus was busy picking up children, a few of whom scurried to make the bus. One burly kid though, seemed in no hurry at all. As I made the turn, I could see he wore a pair of rubber gloves and was singing his version of the AC/DC song, ‘Highway to Hell’. I shuddered.  State Department figures for fiscal 2008 show Americans have adopted 17,438 foreign kids already this year, and there are reasons for it. In Rexburg, Idaho, district officials have reported second graders on a schoolbus chanting, ‘Assasinate Obama’ on the way to school. Four students at North Carolina State U wrote ‘Let’s shoot that nigger in the head’ in a tunnel designated for free speech. In Kilgore, Texas, in Long Island, in Los Angeles, swastikas are springing up on cars, skateparks and elsewhere. So, the people who want to adopt children know good and well that through the use of television, movies, video games, church, and a lack of social programs, American kids are being brought up to be nazi-like xenophobes, full of hate. So when they do adopt, they look elsewhere. Here at EarthSourceMedia, where our motto is ‘Speak truth to youth!’, we have a sworn duty, gang. We have to give it to you straight and so we will- you’re fucked up. Our advice? Get off the meth, don’t join the army, don’t make pacts with your friends to hang yourselves on tuesday at 7 o’clock, stop watching TV, don’t diet ’till you weigh 49 pounds and go get help.

From waterborne diseases, to pirates acting crudely, I’m joey racano for earthSourceMedia saying, “Goodnight and go with grace”  -ESM

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