‘Nuclear Reaction’


EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 11th, 2008

‘Nuclear Reaction’


The Republican Governors Association will meet this week in Miami. Festivities will include a panel discussion entitled, ‘Looking Toward the Future’. The panel discussion will feature former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who plans to meet with the press to answer questions about her role in the McCain campaign and her future with the party. Sarah’s quotes are no longer making headlines, having been relegated to tiny blurbs like the 1 square inch article on page 14 of todays Los Angeles Times. Let’s face it, it only takes a square inch to spit vitriol, her specialty. However in this case, she said, “It’s amazing we did as well as we did”, alluding to the impossible task of trying to overcome 8 years of Bush policies to win the general election. EarthSourceMedia for once, agrees, but chimes in- ‘Sarah, shut up’.

San Onofre, California:

In a feeble attempt to ‘mitigate’ (make up for) the terrible damage done each day to marine life by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant’s giant sea water intake tube, officials yesterday dumped tons of rocks in the water to simulate a reef where kelp might be restored.  It cost millions of dollars to ‘build the reef’; in other words, to dump rocks in the water so they can continue to suck in and kill vast amounts of creatures with a clear concience. EarthSourceMedia takes exception to this destruction and to the devious spin of calling it the ‘San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’, acronym, ‘s.o.n.g.s.’- or even calling it a power plant. Plants are green, give us oxygen and are beautiful. This is none of those. This is the epitome of public relations spin doctoring.

 What they call ‘songs and plants’, we call radioactivity, dead kelp beds, sucked-in plankton and burned fish. Case in point- whenever I speak before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in San Luis Obispo, I always make it a point to call their Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant the, “Devil Canyon Atomic Reactor”. Once, I held a camera in my hand and snapped a photo of the NRC just as I said that and that shot remains a classic to this day- enjoy!  -ESM

Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexican president Felipe Calderon has caused an uproar by choosing former defense lawyer Fernando Gomez Mont as Interior Minister, replacing Juan Mourino, who was killed last week in a very suspicious plane crash. As a lawyer, Mont represented high profile defendants such as Carlos Peniche, a banker who ripped off $700 million dollars. Calderon says the evidence shows the plane crash was an accident. EarthSourceMedia says the choice for Minister shows that mexico’s drug violence has culminated in the mob taking over the highest levels of government, something that happened in the U.S. a long time ago.  -ESM

   Bridgeport, Connecticut:

So much flu is being spread among people packed onto commuter trains that officials here have implemented a program called, ‘vaccination at the station’. EarthSourceMedia suggests you get a job near home and avoid taking the ‘bird-flu express’ altogether. -ESM

Jersey City, New Jersey:

‘singin’ in the rain

Police got City Councilman Steven Lippski, a democratic, to agree to ‘stop drinking’ after a night on the town gone awry. The councilman was arrested after concert goers complained they were being urinated on from a second floor balcony. He was charged with simple assault.


Republican congressman Paul Broun of Georgia is sounding a warning alarm about what he calls Obama’s ‘plan to create a civilian force equal to the U.S. military’, alluding to part of a speech Obama gave in July. Obama’s speech actually called for creation of a civilian force to ‘take some of the burden off the military’, but many rightists compare such a force with the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany. EarthSourceMedia reminds the right wing among us that their beloved Pope was himself a member of the Hitler Youth. Also, such a civilian force may be an excellent remedy for a people who have lost many of their rights and much of their constitution. Count me in!

That is news for November 11th. From the nuclear reactors to the peoples reaction to the nuclear, I’m joey racano saying, “Goodnight and go with grace”.  -ESM 

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