‘Good Will Hunting’


EarthSourceMedia reports for November 9th, 2008

‘forgiveness is the scent of the violet, clinging to the heel that crushed it’  -m twain

 ‘Good Will Hunting’ 

Anchorage, Alaska:

Despite lackluster coverage in the mainstream press, it is beginning to trickle out that Sarah Palin raised such hate at political rallies during her run for Vice President, that the Secret Service identified a direct correlation between her venomous attacks on Barack Obama, and death threats against his life. The right-wing-owned press twisted it’s reports on the matter to make it seem poor little Sarah snapped back at ‘those meanie McCain advisers for bad mouthing her behind her back’. But during campaign rallies, she spouted such vile rhetoric to McCain supporters –many of whom were white supremacists– that the McCain camp themselves were forced to reign her in, for fear it would induce assassination attempts. Here at EarthSourceMedia, we are glad she is back in the land of blizzards, alone in her office, drinking instant coffee and having to give back the expensive clothing the republicans bought her because she can’t afford the taxes she would otherwise have to pay on them. With all her abuses of power exposed, her heartless support of aerial wolf shooting, opposition to protecting orcas from sewage or salmon from gold mines, and support for oil company special interests- the threat of this lover of self, hater of the world and consummate evangelical hypocrite hopefully has been forever diminished. 


More facts have come to light about the 8 year old Arizona boy who shot his dad and dad’s friend with a rifle. The father had asked his priest what he thought about introducing an 8-year old to guns. The priest later told a newspaper the boy was ‘just too young’. As it turns out, the father was from a family of ‘avid hunters’ and didn’t want the boy to be afraid of guns. He also took the boy out and taught him to shoot prairie dogs. Police are looking for any clue that would point to the boys abuse, resulting in the killing. As a young boy, I remember vividly being made to stand by while my stepfather showed me how to shoot a squirrel. I watched it die in the mud. Police looking for clues of abuse need look no further than forcing a little boy who by nature loves animals, to shoot creatures he probably found very appealing. The real tragedy is this child will grow up missing his father, always blaming himself for his absence- but this was a crime committed by the father and not by the son. Hopefully, the boy will one day grow not only to miss his father, but to forgive him as well. -ESM

San Diego, California:

Throughout much of American government, democrats made political inroads in traditionally republican areas, and San Diego is no exception. With a ‘strong’ mayor (the mayor has veto power), this city has been trounced by pro development forces, but that is soon to end. Democrats now outnumber republicans 5-2, and that is good news for activists like myself who want to see San Diego join the United States of America on issues like the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act and Clean Water Act. EarthSourceMedia will post a feature-length report on these issues in the Land-Air-Sea section of our site, so I won’t go into too much detail here on the blog, but suffice it to say that the San Diego City Council is meeting tomorrow to discuss imposing water conservation mandates on the citizens (which ESM supports), but the catch is, the outgoing majority just finished giving their developer buddies the nod to build a 4,100-unit development, sure to drink up an enormous amount of water. EarthSourceMedia quotes famous conservationist Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society (www.seashepherd.org), “The law of finite resources dictates you can’t grow without limit”. -ESM

More San Diego: California Secratary of Resources Mike Crissman will speak tomorrow in La Jolla, lecturing on the MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act) process by which Arnold Schwarzenegger seeks to implement a series of MPA’s (Marine Protected Areas) off the coast of ‘Ka-lee-fawnia’. I shall be in attendance too ask the pointed questions, “Why did he speak in favor of the Foothill South Toll Road extension last month, knowing the development it would cause will drown any Marine Protected Areas we make in urban runoff?” and, “How will we stop the 250 million gallons of dirty sewage San Diego dumps each day at Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma from further harming these MPA’s? Stay tuned! -ESM

Silver Lake, California:

Having awakened a sleeping giant, the christian right yesterday saw tens of thousands of people demonstrate the passage of Prop 8, with more and larger demonstrations planned nationwide today. Meanwhile, religious groups and their churches plan to use the parochial success at passage in California as a national model. EarthSourceMedia recognizes the dangers inherent in such political manipulation by religious groups. Especially those who adhere to a doctrine of intolerance, adopt policies contradictory to the peaceful teachings of Jesus, and believe we are all about to die in a world-wide cataclysm making them little more than a glorified doomsday cult. And while we don’t want to see a return to feeding christians to lions, may we suggest the political among them don a pair of nikes and have a Hawaiian punch party?   

EarthSourceMedia Obituary special:

James C. Warf died at 91 years old from cancer of the spine. Mr. Warf was a study in contradictions and a retired USC chemistry professor. According to the Los Angeles Times, he became a ‘peace activist’ after studying nuclear energy and the effects of radiation. According to EarthSourceMedia, you can never be a ‘peace activist’ after working on the Manhattan Project (when America made the first Atomic Bombs and dropped them on Japan- still the only nuclear weapons ever dropped on people by any country) and making statements like, “I was gratified that it was a success”. Mr. Warf wrote the definitive book, ‘All things Nuclear’, and in the end worked on ‘rare metals’, which sounds to ESM like depleted uranium and such. This man is no friend of ours, and was no ‘peace activist’ at time of death. -ESM

From the the vanishing wildlands of America, to the backyard pens where little boys keep their pet pond turtles, this is joey racano for EarthSourceMedia, saying,  ‘goodnight and go with grace’. _ESM

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