‘Spin Cycle’

Spin Cycle

EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 6th, 2008

‘Spin Cycle’

Wall Street:

It hasn’t been two days and the Republican spin machine is off and running. The yahoo newsline is saying that wall street is down 10% since the presidential election. Well, I guess that means it’s all Obama’s fault, the whole economy thing! Truth is, the democrats are great on economy, always have been. The problem is that the republicans are management and the democrats are labor. During a republican administration, the wealthy make a killing by cutting the forests, developing the wilderness into condominiums and pumping pollution into the air and water. During democratic administrations, the unions make a killing doing exactly the same thing. But please neocons, do us a favor- let the ink dry on the ballots before you go heaping blame on the new prez, will ya? Now go plan some treachery. -ESM

San Diego, California:

In a mild form of road rage, I sat behind a vehicle on the 5 Freeway today shaking my head and clucking my tongue at the stickers on the car ahead of me. They were the usual declarations of christianity, like the jesus fish thing, the yellow ribbons that subliminaly look just like the jesus fish thing, American flags and a ‘Yes on 8′ bumper sticker. When the opportunity arose, I opened my window and tooted my horn. The guy opened his window and I asked him if he had voted on Prop 8. “Certainly did”, he said smugly.

“Oh, good” I said,” ’cause I don’t want christians getting married either”.

“And why not?” he asked. 

“You have too many kids”, I declared.

“Too late”he said, “I already had three!”

“God help us!”, I concluded. 

Los Angeles, California:

There will be seawater testing after all in California, after the State Waterboard allocated 2 Million Dollars for it, saving a program gutted by budget cuts. Personally, I wonder- why test the water after the sewage is dumped? Its a whole lot easier to monitor it as it comes out of the outfall pipe, especially in Point Loma, San Diego, where they dump up to 250 Million Gallons a day of sewage that has recieved miniscule treatment. I told them so today at the Point Loma Wastewater plant as I and others took the not-so-grande tour! Testing after-the-fact is akin to counting cattle as they mill about in a valley, rather than as they came through the gate. Be sure to read the up coming report on that tour, it may shock you. It’ll be filed under ‘Sea’ with a slideshow included. Great pics, too!  -ESM

Pomona, California:

Mayor Norma Torres was elected to the Assembly as the first Guatemalan in the Legislature. The first thing she said was, “Maldagamadanolamedisolasio”. Anybody speak Guatemalan?  (Just kidding, good luck Norma. 🙂

Roslyn, New York:

Master of doomsday scenarios Michael Crichton has died of cancer at 66 years old. His work was prolific as well as terrific, but I hated that he ‘dibelieved’ in Global warming. I’m sorry, but you’d have to be pretty stupid to still doubt it at this point, so I have to wonder about the guy. Especially since he hurt progress against CO2 with his book, ‘State of fear’, which got him invited to the Bush Whitehouse. I guess he didn’t know about the Polar Bears drowning out at sea for lack of ice flows to rest or hunt on.

Washington, DC:

The Supreme court is debating asylum for a former prison guard involved in torturing and killing prisoners. A guard who will be tortured himself if he is returned to his country. EarthSourceMedia believes that with good workers so hard to find, we might just hire him and send him to Guantanamo.

  Fallujah, Iraq:

In a sign the surge may have worked, the United States has failed in their attempts to build a sewer plant and sewage is ‘running in the streets’. EarthSourceMedia considers this progress and a major step up from the blood running in the streets not long ago.

Washington, DC:

ESM learned today that last week a federal judge dismissed a juror working on the Ted Stevens corruption trial for going to the racetrack instead of her fathers funeral. This caused deliberations to start again from the beginning, and defense attorneys were working on two more jurors, apparently going for a ‘Trifecta’. -ESM


A villager who is suing Chevron told jurors he was shot 4 times by Nigerian soldiers guarding an oil platform. He said they continued shooting even after he showed them he was unarmed. EarthSourceMedia asks the burning question: “Does Chevron hire the local military to shoot unarmed villagers who go near their oil platforms built next to those villages? People Do”.

I’m joey racano for EarthSourceMedia saying, Goodnight and go with grace”. -ESM

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