‘Prop 8 and Other Hate’

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 7th, 2008

‘Prop 8 and Other Hate’

Westwood, California:

This election saw a black American elected President of the United States despite strong evangelical support for the opposition. But peace has not come to the little house on the prairie, no sir. The religious right has ventured far into American politics with Proposition 8, which passed in California. If it stands up under what is sure to be a barrage of legal challenges, it will ammend the constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. EarthSourceMedia sees this as an intrusion into the bedroom, a’ la’ the famous line uttered by Denzel Washington in the movie, ‘Philladelphia’- “This is about who does what to whom, and how“.

Prop 8 was funded by all manner of christian organizations -including the Knights of Columbus and many churches- who poured money into the Yes on 8 political campaign, successfully, for the time being. But besides forcing their belief system on the rest of California, they may also have succeeded in igniting the civil war many see as inevitable. Based in Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pumped a sizeable chunk of money in as well. But the ‘passion of christ’ has also raised the passion of the gay community, who showed the world what they can do in San Francisco’s ‘Act Up!’ aids awareness campaign. Yesterday in Westwood, more than a thousand angry gays surrounded the Mormon temple, demonstrating concern over ammending the constitution to strip away their rights. EarthSourceMedia offers the provoking thought that America may be led to freedom by an army of gays and a black president. If christians can ammend the constitution, gays can ammend the pledge; it can go like this- ‘I pledge allegiance, to the fags, who united the states of America.’ Food for thought at ESM.


At a news conference in Russia, Italy’s right-wing Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi let his racist flag fly. A close ally of the outgoing Bush-Cheney administration, Berlusconi described United States President-elect Barack Obama as, …”young, handsome and even-tanned”. As an Italian-American, even I am appalled at a statement like that. As an American, period, I am insulted. I wonder, Mr. Berlusconi, are you a direct descendent of Mussolini?

Kiwanja, Congo:

A UN official says the Mai Mai killed civilians for supporting their enemy, the Nkunda’s rebels, and the Nkunda’s rebels killed civilians for supporting the Mai Mai. The loser in this violence is obviously the civilians. EarthSourceMedia sees it as very similar to the situation in Iraq.


15-million dollars raised from the sale of ivory will go toward elephant conservation it was announced yesterday by four nations. EarthSourceMedia suggests that if this works, Tiger penis, used by chinese as an aphrodesiac, can be sold to help tigers, Swordfish can be protected by sale of their ‘swords’, and Rhino horns can be sold to protect the last remaining Rhinos. -ESM


In another incredible performance by the far right, National Front Party Senator Michel Delacroix was shown on national television singing an insulting song about a jewish girl dying at the infamous German concentration camp at Dachau. There is an investigation underway and he may be stripped of  immunity.

St. Louis, Missouri:

The kids are watching– 10 Jewish children were struck at a suburban middle school by at least 4 classmates celebrating, ‘Hit a jew’ day. The incident occured at Parkway West Middle School in Chesterfield in October.  

Wasington, DC:

The democrats are finally showing some intestinal fortitude as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, fuming from a long string of betrayals, read a scathing statement about turncoat Joe Lieberman after a 45 minute meeting. It is expected Joe will be relieved of his Senate panel post- the political equivilent of being ‘branded’ in the US cavalry. No democrat myself, I think the whole party should be replaced with Greens, but I will point out that the first 3 letters of Lieberman spell lie

New York:

Finally today, it was announced the feds won’t charge Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer for a prostitution scandal that saw him removed from office in undeserved disgrace. It should be noted that articles carried in today’s papers make no mention of the reason this ever came out in the press- Spitzer dared accuse Bush of running interference for those involved in the predatory lending scandal that rocked the country and world. The prostitute scandal thing came out in the press immediately after an article written by Spitzer detailing Bush’s involvement in the housing collapse was published by the Washington Post. Read it here at ESM .

That’s news for today; I’m joey racano saying, read between the lines and, ‘Goodnight and go with grace’. -ESM

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