‘Free at Last’

Free at Last

EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 5th, 2008

‘Free at Last’

An ESM Mini-editorial

In an historic and landslide election, Barack Obama has been elected 44th President of the United States. Democrats in Congress and the Senate made gains. The sheer force of the event was most visible in the eyes of an adoring public- all carried the real potential for change within themselves. In a display of class, John McCain quieted the venom from his chanting followers and called his former opponent his future President. Class was in no short supply- it radiated from Michelle Obama and Jill Biden as they skipped onstage hand in hand like best friends to a high school pep rally.

Always emotional Oprah Winfrey, who gave Barack’s campaign an important early push, played the unusual role of spectator, her tears flowing like rain. When she played -along with Whoopie Goldberg- her touching role in the movie, ‘The Color Purple, it was beyond comprehension that a black American President would take the oath of office -on steps built by slaves– at his inaugeration at the capitol.

Scenes unfolded in Harlem and Times Square to make even Cynthia McKinney proud; once angry and disenfranchised young black men, resplendent in colorful street attire, stood starry-eyed and rapt as they watched the giant screens with new hope in their hearts.

The process of change is difficult, and no one man, movement or party can make the monumental changes needed in the world today. The challenges of a shrinking world with a growing population will surely test the limits of man. Although polls from this election show 63% of us voted the economy, an ecological window is closing all around us. There is no future in war or in the fossil fuels that send us to war.

We have just taken a giant step- but our only chance for survival in a world worth inhabiting is to put our differences to bed forever, learning instead to focus on that which makes us alike. -ESM

Now the news:

Los Angeles:

Everybodys favorite soundman and homicidal maniac Phil Spector is back on trial for shooting a pretty blonde waitress in the mouth a while back. Known among music titans for his famed ‘wall of sound’ recording technique, Phil is fast becoming known for his ‘wall of insanity’, as more and more witnesses come forward with their Phil Spector horror stories. The latest is when Phil pulled up at ‘Elaines’, a star-papparazzi hangout in Manhattan, and stepped out of a limo. He was surrounded by screaming autograph hounds snapping photos. Things went awry when pistol Phil realized he had been mistaken for ‘Arthur’ actor Dudley Moore.  Like a one-man surge, Spector pulled a gun, screamed, and chased the autograph seekers down the street.

Mexico City:

Mexico’s Interior Minister and other officials were killed in a fiery plane crash yesterday, and more people may have died on the ground. EarthSourceMedia’s investigative nose for news has worked out the percentages for three scenerios:

1 It was an accident, nobody washed those windows- 15%

2 Drug hit-Also on board was the former Assistant Attorney General- 30%

3 Terrorism- The Minister was President Calderon’s closest and most controversial advisor. His family was involved in the swirling controversy surrounding private contracts to Mexico’s state-owned oil company precisely as Calderon sought to make more such contracts legal- 55%

Sacramento, California:

Unnamed State Officials are denying a link between people on the central coast getting sick and having had pesticide sprayed on them. Residents complained of ‘feeling sick’ when agriculture officials sprayed pesticide over two counties to kill the crop-eating light brown apple moth. EarthSourceMedia suggests taking a look at how the pesticide affected other living creatures (the moths). We also suggest getting peoples written permission to be sprayed from planes with chemicals.

That is news for November 5th, 2008 and I’m joey racano saying, “Goodnight and go with grace”. -ESM

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