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EarthSourceMedia Reports for ELECTION DAY 2008

Today is a serious day. More than historic, it’s completely unprecedented. Record lines at the polls. Record low ice at the other polls. We are bombing many countries at once. The world hates us. Many of us hate what we’ve become. Poor starve under capitalism, while the rich are handed nearly a trillion dollars under communism! Will the polls even be able to handle the 150 Million projected to vote? Will those votes count? What will tomorrow bring? There are so many questions and no answers. Together, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Now the news…

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:

A military panel sentenced a man to life in prison, saying he was a ‘propaganda chief’ for Al Qaeda. EarthSourceMedia finds it astonishing the American government would accuse -much less convict- anyone of spreading propaganda. This conviction itself is propaganda. It’s also a perfect pirouetting lead-in to all the war crimes trials happening for everyone except Bush Cheney Rice and Rumsfeld.

Anchorage, Alaska:

The Alaska Personnel Board Monday reached the opposite conclusion that a bipartisan legislative panel did last month about whether or not Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin abused her power as Alaskan Governor in having her brother-in-law fired from his job as a State Trooper. EarthSourceMedia suggests the matter be settled in the fashion of King Solomon- slice her neatly in two, the top is innocent the bottom guilty. -ESM


An internal investigation has found that an Afghan Police Chief and another man described as a ‘district leader’ both took part in an attack that killed 9 American soldiers at a remote outpost. Apparently, the two lured the soldiers out by throwing rocks. Just another example of our occupying forces being welcomed as liberators.


In continuing drug world violence, a State Police Commander was killed, bringing to 12 the number of officers murdered since Thursday. With police agencies obviously overwhelmed, EarthSourceMedia suggests turning the force over to the drug lords, making them do all the paperwork, maintenance and answer the public complaint lines. Or just legalize the drugs.

Washington, DC:

In the recent corruption trial of disgraced Alaska Senator and political strong-man Ted Stevens, one juror was excused when her dad died. The judge felt she wouldn’t be able to deliberate. It turned out however, the juror was at the racetrack. In a sad turn of events, her horse was shot from an airplane by Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin before it could cross the finish line. 


The Supreme Court will hear a free speech case Tuesday about ‘fleeting expletives’. Free speech advocates (and that should be everybody) have raised concerns that important speech could be stifled by broadcasters afraid to be fined for a quick, spontaneous cuss word. I myself felt the pinch of censorship last week, suffering through one bleeped out word after another from the lyrics of an orchestra performing a televised tribute to Leonard Burnsteins 90th birthday on KPBS. At EarthSourceMedia, we worry the judge will say, “All improper speech will be fined”, adding, “Shit!” as he slams down the gavel on his pinky finger.   

Keep your sense of humor.

That is news for today, election day 2008 and so “From the voter sign in sheets made of wax paper to the newly disenfranchised who can’t vote because they lost their houses to foreclosure,  I’m joey racano saying, goodnight and go with grace”.  -ESM

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