‘The Politics of Fear’

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EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 3rd, 2008

‘The Politics of Fear’

As the sun sets on the most important election the U.S.A. will ever hold, a sense of urgency sweeps the nation, evident on every street corner. In my area, people from a local church stand side by side near a freeway on ramp holding the large yellow signs of hate, ‘YES on 8′. Adding to the ambience, the area is military, and these highways of hate are constantly overflown by newbie-nazis in practice combat choppers that drone endlessly overhead.    

The nice lady at Denny’s asks me about Prop 8 as she hands me a grand-slam breakfast to go. I take the food with a twinge of guilt because the bag contains 1 pound of food and 5 pounds of plastic paper and styrafoam.

“I just worry”, she says, “they’re gonna teach my little girl in school that gay is a choice”.

Her meso american lineage apparent in her smooth golden skin and long wavy hair, her smile shone bright. No bigot, just a concerned young mom led astray by the Republican fear factory.

   “Tell you what”, I said to her, “sit down next to your girl next time she watches TV. Use a paper and pen and keep count of how many times you see a gun. A car crash. Fire. Murder. Your child, like you, is being bombarded with fear and violence day in day out. It’s that same fear that’s coming out of your mouth when you say you’re afraid she’ll learn to be gay in school.”

You’ve got to hand it to the propaganda machine, they’ve been relentless and thorough. How else could Americans have gotten to the point where we rationalize having such a war machine while people go without? Remember from Orwell’, ‘War is Peace’? Well let me say this while it’s still legal- military might is nothing to be proud of, and troops are not heroes. Not with Cheney leading them. It’s like the sun- without an ozone layer, the sun is no longer your friend. -ESM

 Guantanamo’s future and ours:

With a changing of the Presidential guard at hand, there is talk about what it will take to shut the American Concentration Camp at Guantanamo Bay. With our precious US Constitution in tatters, people there have been imprisoned without trials. ‘Information’ and ‘confessions’ have been procured through torture, while soldiers take photo ops with frightened, cold, sleep deprived prisoners, some laying naked in piles, bruised blindfolded and crying. And I wonder, my gosh, are we still Americans?

Senator Obama, if you manage to get elected despite the voting fraud (not to be confused with voter fraud- the Republicans spin so well) I have to insist you reign in the C.I.A., that frightening agency refered to as the ‘cocaine importing agency’ in the book ‘Into the Buzzsaw’. According to that book, written by well respected journalists canned by their news organizations for reporting things they shouldn’t, the C.I.A. has two functions- moving coke, and assasinations.

And if you manage to avoid being assasinated (a price historically paid by charismatic, young American leaders with the power to unify), I further insist you help shed the cocoon of fossil fuels. He who would truly lead the world must immediately slow, stop and reverse global climate change.

But probably the biggest challenge of all will be to keep such change from dividing us along racial lines. Barack Obama’s greatest tool for change will come from an angry black population held down 300 years. While medicines and schools go lacking for inner city minority youth, America creates ever more devious ways to build a Hydrogen Bomb. But a bomb hath no fury like the liberation of a people enslaved!   


In case of Pandemic- Special EarthSourceMedia Police State Survival Checklist:

Avoid roadblocks when possible. Do not ‘steer for the lights’.

Wear a seatbelt. Do not have knives guns or batons visible.

If you must cross a roadblock:

Smile. Try not to fidget or perspire. Look the man straight in the eye. Don’t sneeze, cough or look contagious.    

If asked questions, say:

Yes, I voted for John McCain. Yes I’m a christian.

No, I hate trees bugs and rats. Yes, I’m a veteran.

Thank you sir. God Bless America.

With 20 hours left until the polls open, this is EarthSourceMedia saying, “Make sure the gas tank is full, there’s a jug of water in the trunk, you have batteries and a flashlight, and an ‘I Love the National Guard’ bumper sticker, because if McCain wins, this country is going to implode.

Goodnight and go with grace”. -ESM 

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  1. swan says:

    Landslide for Obama! Landslide for Obama! All together now – have no fear. Landslide for Obama!!

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