‘Eagle Eye’

Eagle Eye

EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 2nd, 2008

‘Eagle Eye’

I have been known to argue with people who are stupid or somehow mired in dogma.

People will say something ignorant and then ask me, “Do you know why I said that?” to which I enjoy answering, “Yes”.

“O.K. then, why?” they demand.

“Because of a single traumatic event in your childhood that you still blame yourself for”, I answer confidently- it really pisses them off. And such is a ‘Pathalogos’. This is a term students of philosophy will recognize; an emotional or psychological barrier rooted in one’s past that hides in the background keeping you from your goals. And society, like individuals, can have a pathologos’, keeping a whole nation trudging in the mud, forever unable to clean its boots. Take these first few stories…

Littlerock, Washington:

Cedar Creek Corrections Center has gone green! Inmates at the maximum security prison are recycling, farming, composting and have already grown 8000 pounds of organic veggies this year. EarthSourceMedia sees this as a perfect example of a societal pathalogos. The prison is trying to evolve, but is still mired in the fact that it’s a prison, where we keep our citizens in cages.

Consider the drawback of human beings, who started with a Madulla Oblongata (reptilian brain in charge of involuntary activities like heartbeat). Though we later evolved a cerebral cortex (abstract thought center), we’re stuck with that reptile-brain as our base. Hence, we kill, shoot, bite, bomb and do other reprehensible things. The greening of our prisons is dogmatic; we have merely learned to enslave our people sustainably. -ESM

Orange County, California:

(Sung to the tune of Linda Ronstadt’s, ‘It’s so easy’)…

“It’s so easy to vote OC, it’s so easy to vote OC, it’s so easy (so easy, so easy…)

As a candidate for Huntington Beach City Council back in 2002, I remember when the Orange County Board of Supervisors spent 26 Million Dollars on electronic voting machines. This was puzzling because Orange County had the least voting problems of any County in the U.S. in the fateful year of 2000. I guess as a highly Republican County, they wanted to get their hands on some of the executable files those Rube Goldberg Machines are famous for! Todays L.A. Times ran a story on how easy it is to vote in Orange County this election cycle. Early voting stations have been set up at malls, John Wayne Airport, and Universities. Well, EarthSourceMedia says, ‘there’s that pathalogos again, because it’s easy as hell to vote, but will that vote count? Don’t count on it’.

Newport News, Virginia:

In approving a 4% raise, the union representing workers at Northrop Grumman’s Newport News shipyard avoided a delay in completion of a mighty Aircraft Carrier to be named the U.S.S. George H. Bush. The ship will be commissioned in January. Meanwhile, across the continent in San Francisco, voters Tuesday will be deciding on Proposition ‘R’, which would rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant, calling it instead the ‘George W. Bush Sewage Plant’. EarthSourceMedia considers it appropriate; Dad made war, son did the same shit.

San Diego, California:

Retired Gunnery Sargeant Nick Popaditch lost his right eye to an ‘RPG’, a Rocket-Propelled Grenade back in Fallouja, where the U.S. basically murdered the whole city and tried to kill an Italian lady reporter to cover it up. Since returning to civilian life, he has written a book, become a motivational speaker and had doctors make him a prosthetic eye bearing the Marine Corps insignia. Take it from me, it’s an eery spectacle. He is studying to become a teacher. Picture a class being led in the pledge of allegiance by a guy with a hypnotic Marine Corps eye. If I had a kid and their new teacher walked into class with a military insignia for an eyeball my kid would be changing schools mighty fast.   

More San Diego:

A man who crashed a costume party on Halloween with his friends opened fire on guests when asked to leave. One person was shot in the leg. Police are seeking a man with fangs, cape and a light complexion, and a tall, stiff accomplice with a large scar across his forehead.

This is news and for EarthSourceMedia, I’m joey racano saying, “From the strange land where all the unsent absentee ballots go, to the Kellog Brown and Root Detention Centers waiting in Arizona, …Goodnight and go with grace”. ESM

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