‘Meal the Bay’

Meal the Bay

EarthSourceMedia Reports for November 1st, 2008

‘Meal the Bay’

So here we are, parked at a campground 7 miles north of the International Border, and I just got a visit from the local wildlife. Having left a bag of cleaning rags on the floor next to a chrome wheel that needed shining, I was reminded by a scorpion that you shouldn’t leave things on the ground while camping. The little bugger got into my ‘hoody’, and stung me in the throat! Ouch. Did I say ouch? I meant OUCH! No, I didn’t hurt ‘im, it’s not my style. But my throat’s swollen and darn sore. Packed a punch! Now I’m trying to figure out what I’d rather do- get stung in the throat by another scorpion, or read that moronic article in today’s Los Angeles Times about Mark Gold and his brother who eats Goat Penis.

Mark Gold is an ocean activist after my own heart (except he’s light years to my right) and his group Heal the Bay has a measure of credibility mine, -the Ocean Outfall Group– will never enjoy because we push too hard.

But being front page in the Los Angeles Times and using the opportunity to talk about Goat Penis’ while San Diego dumps 180 Million Gallons of primary sewage a day 4 miles off Point Loma, that’s just not seizing the day. I called his office a few weeks ago to try to get some help down here in San Diego, where Mayor Sanders has mistaken the ocean for a dialysis machine, and the girl who answered was nasty. Just like Marks idiot brother, who eats Goat Penis and even Whales, apparently. And live Octopus. I saw his picture in the paper, and even though I’m bad with names, I always remember an asshole. There’s a lot of that going around.

And the Times? The LA Times is the best paper around. My good friend Jack McCurdy shared a Pulitzer there. But with the ocean under assault like never before, they go and do a story on Mark Gold fighting his brother over a Goat Penis?

The brother also won a Pulitzer as a food critic, so they may be giving those things away like too-ripe bananas at Albertsons. But hey, LA Times? The San Diego Union Tribune is saying lack of regulation didn’t cause the stock market to crash, so I don’t think they’re going to cover an activist who came to San Diego to slay a sewer dragon. Maybe you can write about San Diego’s outfall pipe (www.stopthewaiver.com) next time you get the urge for something long and squirty?

United Nations:

Imagine you’re the worlds biggest arms dealer, and some rogue wanted to make a treaty controlling arms sales? OK, so the arms dealer is the United States and the ‘rogue’ is the entire rest of the world with the exception of Zimbabwe. Such was the case yesterday where the United States and Zimbabwe found themselves on the wrong end of a vote of the UN General Assembly. 147 of 192 nations voted for such a treaty, and only the two recalcitrants voted against. Now, someone please tell me once again that the US spreads peace, is for peace, wants peace, or in any way, manner, shape or form has anything to do with the persuit of peace. In case anyone doesn’t already know, the United States of America fights terror all around the world by selling more arms -by double- than anyone else in the world, and spends more on weapons than the next 60 largest nations combined. The only ones the US doesn’t want armed are its own citizens, for reasons that will soon become obvious for those ‘behind the curve’.-ESM


Famed author and feminist Erica Jong had some interesting things to say in an interview with Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily based in Milan. She says that if the ‘Republican Mafia steals this election, it will spark another US civil war’ and that ‘blood will run in the streets’. Some of her quotes and insights were profound, such as “It is no coincidence that Bush is calling soldiers home from Iraq, so Cheney can send them into the streets against Americans”. We at EarthSourceMedia think Italians are still sore about American Soldiers killing the head of the Italian secret service at a checkpoint as he shielded an Italian lady reporter from their bullets. 


US deaths and violence in general is down in Iraq, but it isn’t because the ‘surge’ (escalating the war) is ‘working’- it’s because the ethnic cleansing we caused is largely finished, with one group of kooks killing the other, whereas, before we got involved, Sadaam Hussein had the other group of kooks killing that other one. See? Mission accomplished! -ESM


An article in today’s USA Today (a paper owned by Korean Christian wingnut Sun-Yung Moon, who likes to have big events where lots of people get married in a football field) says that abortion is a central issue for some voters. Well yes, and those people may be wierdos who want to tell other people how to live, but they vote. Scary, isn’t it? So, the Republicans simply make sure every election to have abortion and gay marriage on the ballot. Then, they instruct pastors at all the wing ding churches to tell their brainwashed attendees to go vote for the fetuses, and vote for McCain while you’re in there.

It’s interesting how these people care about fetuses, but once you’re born, they couldn’t care less about you or your mother. Social programs? Only if they have something to do with a bloodied homeless guy hanging on a cross. Or even weirder, these people hate abortions but have no problem that we’re killing babies in other countries. That’s right- listen to the republicans tell us over and over that American soldiers have been fighting side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers, because they all want the same thing- to fight terror. But if the Iraqi soldiers and the American soldiers aren’t killing each other, than just who does that leave for them to actually kill? 

Hint: Here is a list of who is in Iraq. Find the soldiers who are fighting ‘side-by-side’ and cross them off the list.

1 Iraqi soldiers

2 American soldiers

3 The Iraqi people

That’s it for now- EarthSourceMedia thanks the LA Times for the rediculous retro series of  articles about 1940’s gangland it has been carrying every day, filling up the whole paper. After all, there’s not much really happening in present-day USA now is there? Except that the bones of that aviator Steve Fossett have finally been found near the aircraft. And that one’s a little mysterious- they’ve also found a fork and Mark Gold’s brother’s footprints leading away from the area!

For EarthSourceMedia, I’m joey racano saying,

“Goodnight and go with grapes“. ESM   

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