‘Say Hello to my Little Friend’

Rocky Racano

EarthSourceMedia Reports for October 31st, 2008

‘Say Hello to my Little Friend’

Morro Bay, California:

Hello everyone, don’t be afraid…come on in and Happy Halloween! Bwa-ha ha ha!

Just when you thought it was safe to breathe the air in this quaint little hamlet-by-the-sea, which harbors the nasty-ol’ Morro Bay Power Plant, the Bush administration has foiled us again! Seems that on their way out the door, the Bush cabal is fast-tracking a flurry of rules designed to further deregulate toxic polluting industry. Mining coal would become a bit easier because mountaintops could be removed and simply pushed into pristine streams waiting below for their black sooty bounty.

Power Plants, like the one in Morro Bay Estuary (site of a new Marine Protected Area) will have air pollution limits raised up to- well, up to whatever the highest level of emmissions that plant is capable of spewing -and the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) has a new rule to put the ‘over-fishing’ industry in charge of itself! NMFS are the people behind the whole seal fiasco in LaJolla (see: www.helpsealthedeal.com). Once in, these rules will take time to change back, and should the election not be stolen, even with Obama in the Whitehouse, he may not change the rules because he keeps mentioning ‘clean’ coal in his speeches. Clean coal is very similar to dry water. It doesn’t exist. EarthSourceMedia points out that it was the refusal of the democrats to impeach Bush and Cheney that is allowing  this final rush to madness.

Los Angeles:

A member of the jury about to try recording wiz and suspected murderer Phil Spector has been hurt, once again delaying trial testimony. ESM is trying to substantiate rumours the juror hurt his back carrying a large bag of money away from a meeting with a Spector accountant.

Damascus, Syria:

In a perfect illustration of how well our ‘Peace Keeper’ missiles are keeping the peace, tens of thousands of Syrians massed by the Iraq border denouncing deadly U.S. missile strikes within their country, and calling for the death of Americans. Further proof of the wisdom of trying to convert the world into American satellites were abundant; A bomb killed 5 yesterday in Afghanistan, and a series of 13 coordinated bombings killed almost 100 people in India. So, we’re bombing Pakistan, Pakistan is bombing India, and India is getting help with their nuclear program from the United States. In a statement by the Whitehouse, George Bush said “Ya see? I told you they love us!”   


The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority said on it’s website that during a recent malfunction of it’s alarm system, the Oskarshamn Nuclear Plant used janitors to guard the plants perimeters. The janitors had no security training, but they left the plant glowing. -ESM 

Seattle, Washington:

A 61 year old former Washington University staff member doused himself with gasoline and burned to death on the crowded campus. In many cases of self immolation, there is a message of cause. Let’s face it, you have to really mean it when you light yourself on fire as it can cause great discomfort. But, as is often the case, authorities -who don’t want the public to become enflamed -never allow media to get the word out about why it was done. This was once again the case in todays headlines, which simply focused on the cops, fire extinguishers and macabre. EarthSourceMedia wants to know why. Iraq? Bush? Palin shooting wolves? CIA in the cocaine business? Columbia President Uribe snorting lines with Bush? Bush and Rice in bed? What the hell is going on that someone burned himself to death? -ESM    


A police officer was found guilty of conspiracy after an incident in which a 92 year old woman was shot during a mistaken drug raid. Realizing the unfortunate mix up, quick thinking Officer Arthur Tessler sprang into action. Sometimes, ‘oops‘ simply will not do, and an officer can avoid a lot of embarassing questions just by planting a few well-placed bags of marijuana. After all, its a well known fact a lot of elderly hide their pot among the tea stash. Some are even Al Qaeda.

Mexico City, Mexico:

Last in our scary Halloween column for October 31st, is a quickie about a Mexican narco raid on a mansion owned by real drug dealers. When police showed up, they were not greeted by guns or german shepherd dogs, but by Lions, white Tigers, and black Jaguars! The only thing harder to believe than the improbable manajerie is that the U.S. has nothing to do with the murder, mayhem and marijuana happening in Mexico on a daily basis or with the drug trade coming north across the border.

Whether it’s Heroin poppies from Afghanistan, Cocaine Coca leaves from Columbia or Acapulco Gold high-grade Mexican weed from Mexico, you can be sure of one common denominator- the market is the youth of the United States and the 9 year old inner city black youth dealing crack on the street isn’t the one bringing it in because he doesn’t have the resources. And joey knows drug smuggling. Dear old dad smuggled drugs for the Columbians back in the scarface days. Live by the sword, die by the sword- he was murdered in July, 1983. 

For EarthSourceMedia, I’m joey racano saying “Goodnight and go with grace”.

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