‘Decision 2008’

Fork in the Road

EarthSourceMedia Reports for October 30th, 2008

EarthSourceMedia Mini Editorial:

‘Decision 2008’

When citizens work to improve America, it should be known there are two such countries- the America in which we live, and the America that shall come to be. For better or worse, the America of today is already formed, her features beyond our control. It is the face of future America upon which we must decide and the state of the future State is being formed even as this editor writes.

In Al Gore’s book, ‘Earth in the Balance- Ecology and the Human Spirit’, there was a picture of an unrecognizable form, made up of smaller pictures. The form was made of black or white squares, and, as we were to see on the following page, all it took was one additional square to recognize the composite as the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

But remove that one square, and Honest Abe fell back into the depths of obsecurity from which he had come. The point our former Vice President was making was how hard it might be to see our ecological peril before it was too late to act. This fact is known well to the oil companies, who pour enormous money into disinformation campaigns designed to give the illusion there is still some question about global warming and if man might be causing it. Their goal is to keep us from taking the decisive action necessary to save ourselves while they swim in money until the end of the world.

The ultimate destination of our country is similarly hard to see without that ‘one more square’ added to the picture. It is likely that by the time we can see that destination, it would be too late to avoid should it be an undesireable one. A recent editorial in San Diego’s Union Tribune railed against the Washington Post and other newspapers for comparing the behavior of people at McCain/Palin rallies to those of people attending Nazi rallies during the rise of Hitler. The editorial went on to point out the great differences in severity of the activities, saying it was wrong to compare the two. But like all pro-capitalist right leaning news outlets from the Ayne Rand school of thought, this is a dangerous road to hoe. The issue isn’t whether or not we are another Third Reich– it is whether or not we are aimed in that direction and becoming more like one every day.

In choosing to walk the fine line between freedom and fascism, one mistake can take us past the point of no return, and America treds that fine line today. -ESM 

Damascus, Syria:

Thousands are attending a government sanctioned rally today, protesting American Military raids inside the country. The Syrian government is threatening to cut off security cooperation along the Iraq border if any further such raids occur, and has ordered the immediate closing of a cultural center and of an American school by November 6th.


Pakistans government has summoned U.S.Ambassador Anne Patterson to protest American missile strikes on that country as well. Such strikes are designed to stop terrorist strikes in the west

Kut, Iraq:

The U.S. Military turned control of Wasit Province back over to Iraqi authorities Wednesday saying the smuggling problem there was under control. Even as journalists, EarthSourceMedia finds it hard to understand how one country can give another country back to itself. Adding to the confusion is the language barrier, where for the first few days of the transfer troops from both countries continually asked each other, “Wasit?”

Lincoln, Nebraska:

Nebraska legislators are struggling with the now infamous ‘safe-haven’ law as more and more people continue dropping off their kids. At least 30 of those dropped off are 17 years old. No confirmation they have formed Nebraska’s newest gang, the ’18th Street Drop Offs’.

Washington DC:

‘Federal mortgage guarantees readied’ said a headline in todays Los Angeles Times as the Fed lowered it’s key interest rate to 1%, lowest since 2004. “We finally got a guarantee..” said an unidentified inner-city homeowner facing foreclosure. “We guaranteed to be out on our asses”.

Washington DC:

Nuclear detection device is audited 

The Department of Homeland Security exaggerated the performance of costly new machines designed to detect radiological material that could be used to make ‘dirty bombs’. Radiation found to be present in microwave ovens, televisions, computer screens, cell phones and glow in the dark necklaces is said to pose no problem whatsoever.

Los Angeles, California:

In the 2000 election, voting accuracy was called into question as it was again in Ohio in 2004. If ESM readers have concerns about the integrity of the upcoming presidential election, those concerns are well-founded; in the last 8 years since the Gore-Bush maelstrom, vote-counting precision has apparently made no progress at all. Voters in record numbers are using absentee ballots and Los Angeles is warning them their ballots may not make it back in time, so they should be hand delivered.

In three other states, ‘vote flipping’ has occurred; this is when you vote one way and the machine records it the opposite way. Only if a voting officer is present at that precinct at that time can this be reversed. Otherwise, you just voted for Sarah Palin.


Voters rights groups have sued to reinstate 30,000 names that have been removed from voting rolls, arguing their removal violates Federal law prohibiting such an action within 90 days of a federal election.


Not only is Florida one of five states named in a complaint by the Justice Department to have engaged in misconduct related to minority voting, but 10,000 voters there are stuck on a list requiring them to be ‘identity checked’ on or before election day.


A Federal panel of judges ruled election officials need Justice Department approval to check voters immigration status but did not stop them from doing so.


Republicans are trying to shut down early voting, alleging fraud.


A federal judge ordered  election officials to cease removing voters from the rolls when their mail was returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable.


Another of the ‘minority voting misconduct five’


The Democrats had to sue to halt challenges to the eligability of 6,000 voters. A federal judge found the challenges to have been ‘frivolous’.

New Jersey:

Another of the ‘minority voting misconduct five’.


State Republican Party leaders are ‘negotiating’ with election officials about 200,000 voters whose data doesn’t exactly match with other forms of their records. Can you say, ‘TYPO‘?


Civil rights groups filed suit to have emergency paper ballots on hand on election day in the event of voter machine ‘malfunction‘.

South Carolina:

Another of the ‘minority voting misconduct five’.


Another of the ‘minority voting misconduct five’ as well as ‘disenfranchisement of overseas military voters’.


The NAACP has filed suit against Governor Tim Kaine, saying adequate preparations were not made to accomodate record numbers of new voters. The NAACP wants the Federal Government be put in charge of the election.


A Judge in Dane County threw out  a lawsuit by the State Attorney General that wanted election officials to validate the I.D. of hundreds of thousands of new voters by election day– appeal pending!

Now, take a look at Yahoo! news- it shows McCain to be ‘catching up’. Uh, yeah, sure, with Obama doing half-hour shows and millions upon millions of dollars pouring in to Obama in small contributions from little guys, a consistent double-digit lead, the economy in the tank -literally- record breaking new young voters, and Palin caught for more corruption on a daily basis. Does anyone really believe McCain could be within a hundred million votes? Not on your life, so don’t you believe it for a minute.

Republicans own the media and they intend to steal this election.

For EarthSourceMedia, I’m joey racano saying, “Everything is fine- all we need are some outside election observers. May I suggest Obrador, Ahmedinejad and Tony Montana? Goodnight and go with grace”.  

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