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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

 ~Special EarthSourceMedia Editorial~

‘Pity the Poor Dictator’ by joey racano

Here at ESM, we sympathize with those facing foreclosure of their homes, particularly those long-time renters, caught off guard with news that their landlords have lost the house but gave no notice to the renter. Indeed, this type of situation has already prompted some of those facing eviction to commit suicide/burn the house down etc. Like turning a light on at 4:00 a.m. and catching the cockroaches partying in the kitchen, it is a perfect illustration of the heartlessness of our leaders that they ignore the plight of people being shown the door and a new life on the street, yet serve up nearly a Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) to the white collar crooks who caused the economy to collapse. Even more telling is the fact that it is those very same poor who will have to foot the bill!

Now that we know what it is our leaders don’t care about, let us look at what it is they do care about:

In a sudden fit of conscience, outgoing President George W. Bush is calling for a hastily planned ‘economic summit’, to be held two weeks after the upcoming US Presidential election. Perhaps the biggest stumbling block to the planned meeting is that neither Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama nor Republican Presidential candidate John McAin seem willing to attend! Presidential historian Robert Dallek likens the snub to when outgoing and wildly unpopular President Herbert Hoover tried to engage Franklin D. Roosevelt in a similar way. Roosevelt refused. In this case, however, the welfare of the economy of the United States couldn’t possibly be the cause for Bush’s concern.

Military, war and arms expenditures have been taking place -and continue to take place, at about Two Billion Dollars a week, even as emergency rooms and trauma centers are shut down in urban areas that desperately need them.

No, EarthSourceMedia sees this sudden cause-for-care as an attempt to make the life of George W. Bush a bit less embarassing as he fades into his golden years. Like a real-life Mister Magoo, this lame-duck president is heading off into the sunset having left Washington, the Country, the economy, the political system, the judiciary, the Justice Department, the environment and indeed the world, a shambles.

George W. Bush, propped into power by an unethical decision of the US Supreme Court, walked onto the world stage a laughing stock, unable to run a baseball team or an oil company. The anomalous events of September 11th, 2001 catapulted him to world dominance, and from there, he morphed Democracy into Dictatorship, leaving a trail of war, woe, broken treaties and surviellance in his wake. Failure in Iraq and a shriveled world economy have stripped the powder from the wings of this evangelical-who-would-be-king, and he is poised to exit the world stage with drooping shoulders and a legacy of corruption. Even for him, this may be too much to bear.

    Let us pity the poor dictator. -ESM

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  1. paul says:

    Joey, you said, “Let’s face it, you have to really mean it when you light yourself on fire as it can cause great discomfort.”

    Yes, and they plan it poorly. They need a guide book so things don’t get so messy once the gas takes.

    What a world you live in Joey. Great work that you do.



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