‘Guantana Mo-Fo’

War Crime

EarthSourceMedia Reports, October 22nd 2008

 ‘Guantana Mo-Fo’ 

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

As the hours until ‘Decision 2008’ tick away, the demise of the Bush regime draws near, and growing national scrutiny has shifted the administration into a frantic mode of damage control. This became apparent yesterday, as the Pentagon official in charge of military commissions at Guantanamo Bay dismissed war crimes charges against five detainees.

All five cases had been being handled by a prosecuter who himself had stepped down in disgust last month, saying he had questions about the fairness of the process. EarthSourceMedia wonders, ‘what could be unfair about the United States kidnapping someone at an airport on New Years Eve, for instance, whisking him away in front of his screaming family, placing him blindfolded aboard a jet owned by the Boston Red Sox (with the Red Sox logo covered), flying him to Romania to be tortured for many months, there to remain until Condoleeza Rice ordered him released into Iran (even though he was a German national) when it was all discovered to have been a case of mistaken identity?’ And so what if the man was later denied entry into the United States to challenge it all in court? What is the matter with these spoil-sports? Don’t they realize there is a price we all must pay for being kept ‘safe’ in this dangerous age?

EarthSourceMedia investigated how we identified these men as terrorists in the first place and came up with this:

1. Weak chins. As any red blooded American who ever watched a Ray Chandler Private Eye show knows, a weak chin is a sign of criminality, just as a strong, square jaw (like Barack Obama and Dudley Do-right have) is a sign of heroism.

2. Eyes close together. Next time you see a guy or gal with their eyes too close together, and an Advil doesn’t help them, you can be certain these folks are stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Then, just put it all together; terrorists are stupid!

3. Middle Eastern Descent. Call it racial profiling all you like, but terrorists come from the Middle East,  hailing from countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, ad infinitum, and a Middle Easterner can be identified by dark skin (or by the explosives wrapped around their mid-section). The wisdom of this all comes together when you remember the Bible said Jesus was of Middle Eastern descent, and who could be more violent than the followers of Jesus? Incidentally, you’ve got to take your lessons from where you can get them, and what a lesson in ‘spin’ from the Bible to have the interpretations of the teachings of Jesus filed under ‘Peace’? That kind of spin shows more recent spinners, like Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’reilly for the ametuers they really are. And Speaking of Karl Rove…

San Francisco, California:

It has been said, ‘If the people lead, the leaders will follow’. Yesterday in San francisco, amid a national leadership vacuum, an ordinary citizen rose up to lead the entire nation as she took duty upon herself and handcuffed Karl Rove as he sat at a Mortgage Bankers convention. As with OJ Simpson (condemned to a life sentence on a golf course where despising crowds and media are kept at a distance), or Paul Wolfowitz (Chief architect of ‘Project for a New American Century’, the blueprint by which our country has been moved to the far right), Sarah Palin, John Bolton and ‘Scooter’ Libby;  the criminal may not be in prison, but has gotten away with nothing. The patriot, identified in the papers and major news outlets only as ‘a protester’, was herself led away by security, but the die is cast- heroines have arisen -and the revolution has begun

Patriotic Duty

Find more videos like this on www.truveo.com.

In Six States:

As in Germany in the days leading up to WWII, The Untited States has begun expanding the focus of ‘sweeps’ from just herding Illegal ‘ailiens’ to now include environmentalists, suspected gang members, Mormons, and most recently, motorcycle clubs. Next of course, it will be you, me, progressive teachers and Grandma.

Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms (and now, ‘Explosives’!) agents made arrests in California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and Washington on charges ranging from gun violations to murder and assault. EarthSourceMedia did the groundwork, and came up with a list of names of those arrested. They were:

‘Roach’, ‘Skeeter’ ‘Sunshine’, Big George’, ‘Crazy Tony’, ‘Alfalfa’, ‘Corn-Fed’ Fred, ‘Axle’, ‘Grease Monkey’, ‘Three-Fingers’, ‘Pig Pen’, ‘Jethro’, ‘Scratch’, ‘Fifth Wheel’, ‘Boar’, ‘Stinky’, ‘Jimbob’, ‘Cranky’, ‘Jersey’, ‘Oil Can’, ‘T-bone’, ‘Turbo’, ‘Split-Wheel Schlabeille’, ‘Big Dicker’, and the ‘Rice Burner’ (who rode a Honda). 


Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has revealed to media that the Official Website of the State Agency that handles Ohio voter registration and other election information was shut down yesterday -(two weeks before the election!) after it was hacked. It has been restored to partial service. Mrs. Brunner is a Democrat whose office has been accumulating death threats in recent days as well as suspicious packages. In the 2004 election, Bush beat Kerry in some areas of Ohio by an average of only 9 votes per precinct, amid accusations of black, liberal voter disenfranchisement. The same accusations are being made again, so look for another close election, and perhaps Sarah Palin banning books at your local library. The advantages will include being able to stop and ask directions from the friendly, helpful and heavily armed National Guardsman assigned to the roadblock or checkpoint on your neighborhood corner.   

That is news on this day of October 22nd, 2008, and so for EarthSourceMedia, this is joey racano saying,

“From Purple Mountain Majesty to enjoying our new right to choose between the 21st Century American version of Mein Kampf- flying the American flag-  and spreading lambs blood at your doorstep, goodnight and go with grace!” -ESM

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