Ides of October

Ides of October

October 15th 2008

~Ides of October~

A Harvest moon clings to witches silhouetted against her breast,

a hidden Sun illuminating her perpetually surprised expression.

Autumn incarnate, Cinderella’s carriage at half-past eleven, or Alfred Noyes storm-tossed ghostly Galleon, she gasps her last breaths against a backdrop of inky night.   

Stallions of Helios trot at her side,  a string of fireflies their tether.

Great nostrils flare, steaming like geysers, mighty-muscled shoulders strain against unearthly leather  

A mummy’s white ribbons flap gustily at the shin

Braided Manes rufflle in a solar wind,

Away, they curve upward, ever upward

spiriting their charge to that place among the stars~

joey racano

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