Missing 12 Minutes!



¬†This just in: When last we saw our hero ( you know, the last time I posted on this blog that nobody reads) I was protesting in San Diego outside a ‘communty meeting’ San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders had called to ‘bring awareness’ about water conservation. Ha! What an absolute joke, coming from a man who is pro desalination so we can use the water to ok more new developments which will create new demand for yet more water. Now THATS what I call conservation!

Anyway, noone ever challenges these guys I guess because they all take money, or get appointed to some position with a title like, “Grand Requisitor” or something. What I do know for sure is that every environmental group in San Diego has sat by and allowed these scumbags to dump dirty sewage off Point Loma with the last sewage waiver in the state and that shit (pun intended) has got to stop.

But that was the LAST time you saw me, remember?THIS time, I left San Diego and went to do a concert in the redwoods for EARTH FIRST and wound up on KMUD Redwood Community Radio doing a fun-as-hell show with DJ Mark who actually liked my new PS158 CD. He liked it so much that he was late turning down the volume when the songs said colloquialisms like SHIT or FUCK and we got booted off the air for 12 minutes when the only thing that came out of thousands of radios was something like this:


But then it snapped back on and we proceeded right dam on with the show. What a crock, I mean, you can’t say ‘boo’ anymore! Of course, you can extort 700 Billion dollars from the poor dopes to give it to wall street so they can continue making believe they’re some ‘housing sector’ or something, but hey- dont cuss! What? Yes, yes, you are free to go kill a million Iraqi kids, but say SHIT? I don’t THINK so young nazi!

Oh look, how cute, honey, little dipshit brain is melting the glaciers! Awww, how cute! But what? He said smegma? OMFG!!!!!!

So, 12 minutes went by and me and DJ Mark (whose shirt, btw said F-U-C-K) sat there in studio, wondering WTF was going on. I finally just realized today as I drove into Cloverdale it was the FCC. Or Nixon’s people- could have been them. Those little bastards.

See ya when I get home to San Diego, and remember folks, if Sarah Palin ever becomes president, could she be any worse than Bush was? No. So stop letting the democrats scare you with that shit. THATS RIGHT, I said SHIT! Shit shit sh…


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