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Ride the Deadly Dunes

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Oceano California
special to ESM
by joey racano

Central California’s Oceano Dunes seem a relic from another age, where one almost expects a herd of Camels to appear just over the next dramatic rise. But of late, the drama at Oceano doesn’t end with the scenery.  Where winds drive sandy squalls that twist like miniature tornados, visitors numbering in the tens of thousands on a single day drive off-road vehicles and are causing some squalls of their own.

From the borders of Mexico to Oregon, Oceano is unique for more than its biodiversity- it is the only beach habitat in California where off-roading is now permitted. There is a race event held there that has benefitted charity. But that race recently produced a fatality. And several weeks ago, a child was killed under the wheels of a pickup. And the deaths just keep coming. A 24 year-old mother of two was run down and killed only a week ago and alcohol is a suspected factor.

There is also a pitched battle for water-quality on the so-called ‘Dunes of Death’. The State Water Resource Control Board recently mandated a program of testing for contaminants in the sandy soil in response to activists concerns that a large number of dunes visitors are draining their sewage and oil into the sand. Indeed, a video circulated on YOUTUBE showed what appeared to be just that.

The State Department of Parks and Recreation (formerly known simply as ‘State Parks’) has been in no great hurry to change things, despite the onslaught of fatalities. With 1.4 million visitors  having almost doubled to 2.5 million visitors in just the past four years, revenue has been enormous.

Drunken visitors recently used an accelerant to blow up one of the few restrooms available, to which State Parks responded by attempting to replace the porta-pottys with more and permanent structures. Because of existing ordinance to protect the much-loved but seemingly doomed Pismo Clam, construction of such structures may prove to be illegal.


There are also huge concerns among area residents of the large amount of air pollution generated at Oceano as well as apparent damage to area creeks and their wildlife. These issues were the topic of discussion at the most recent meeting of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, where an appeal of the construction of permanent restroom structures was brought by a group of activists. Further legal challenges remain, including an appeal to the California Coastal Commission.

While some activists on both sides of this competing-use issue seek a compromise, such as construction of a trail system for off-roaders that might spare the Dunes, her marine mammals, water quality and the Pismo Clam, further conflict -and human fatalities- seem sure to continue, as long as people ride the deadly dunes.

Joey Racano

Photo Credit:  Dunes in Winter: by Verona Rebow   Seal/Humvee by : Chrissy Camp

September 14th News

Monday, September 15th, 2008

‘Speak Truth to Youth’

From the ghettos to the sea, to storm-battered poor neighborhoods in Houston and New Orleans, from the permanent police roadblocks in WashingtonDC to SeaWorld San Diego, where giant ‘federally protected’ creatures are trapped in chlorinated swimming pools and fed dead fish, I’m Joey Racano and this is EarthSourceMedia news for September 14th, 2008:

In Washington today, General Patraues asked for more troops in Afghanistan and announced that a contest would be held to see how many different ways journalists spell his name before the end of poppy-season, when the Heroin crop the troops are guarding there begins making it’s way to the gangs of Los Angeles for nationwide distribution

In Houston, a flotilla of police and National Guard troops searched for several thousand people who had refused to evacuate before Hurricane Ike hit. Several of the survivors claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel, who was quoted as saying, “Houston – direct hit! As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

All across the US, young evangelicals remain split on Palin for VP, with half claiming she is the Virgin herself, and the other half calling for her to be cast alive into a *lake of fire* (Lake of fire: Revelation, a vision of oil burning on water, probably in the Persian Gulf).

According to Mainstream Media reports, several score Afghan civilians were killed last month in a US bombing stemming from a ‘false tip’. A 9-1-1 tape of the phone tip has been obtained by ESM and plays as follows:



“US Command Center!”


“Yes, US Command Center, how can I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, can I get a sausage and garlic pizza with the thin crust?”
“US Command Center at N.O.R.A.D, I think you have the wrong number.”

(Laughing in background, snickering and long draws of breath, like tokes from a joint)

“Uh, yeah! I mean, no, no… umm, hey, I got a hot tip for you over in Afghanistan. You want to beat terrorism, don’t you?”

“US Command Center, who is this please?”

“Shhhhh- nevermind that now, go to 45672 Astillimah Street and you’ll find seven terrorists with Obama Bin Laden and Elvis Presley plotting something or other, but ya gotta hurry!”

“US Command Center, how do we know this is good information?”




(Siren and OOga horn go off)


“All hands on deck, all hands on deck, this is not a drill, scramble scramble, ten fighter-bombers, proceed to 45672 Ashtillamah St on the double, repeat, this is….”

That’s our news for tonight, for everyone here at ESM, goodnight and go with grace.

Palin in Comparison

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Special to EarthSourceMedia

~Palin in Comparison~ by joey racano

I love horror movies, so it was with wide-eyed amusement that I caught the new Sarah Palin video, sent to me by someone with a sense of what is ironic. There she was, on stage last month at her church, microphone in hand, no brains in the head, and calling for the obviously rabid throngs of church goers to “pray for the natural gas pipeline” to come to Alaska.

All I could think of was a pack of wolves flying in one of those pontoon airplanes zooming over the not-so-frozen tundra, hunting down and shooting at a roving band of Pentecostals. What the hell is a Pentecost, anyway? Is that when the price of something goes up 5 times, like, ummm, gas? Or down 5 times, like your house just did?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with speaking in tongues, but not when it’s being done by a person with their finger on the nuclear trigger of a stash of ICBM’s. And as for Sarah Palin’s ‘shooting’ of down Measure 2, which would have banned such aerial shooting ‘safari’s’ (as she calls it), I think I understand- she wants to be like the Archangel Michael, zooming down from on high and avenging…uhh…avenging…well, godammit, avenging those furry varmint/vectors for having the audacity to eat the same thing the humans eat!

Anyway, please be advised that Sarah Palin –or any psychotic who thinks the world is fake but heaven is real- should be kept from the Whitehouse at all costs. And that doesn’t mean I advocate Obama! He thinks the surge was a good thing. I guess he forgot the war was illegal in the first place. He also wants offshore drilling as a ‘stopgap’ measure. He must also have forgotten that the glaciers are melting faster than an ice cube in hot brandy on a Dick Cheney duck-hunting expedition.

No, I’m not going to allow the Democrats to blackmail me into voting for things I abhor just because McCain and Palin might get in if I vote for Nader again. That’s terrorism and I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Meanwhile, I’ll be hoping for Sarah to start playing and praying with snakes- nothing too poisonous though, just, say, a Black Mamba or a King Cobra, ya know.

McCain and Obama are running neck and neck as I write, so it looks like Nader, McKinney and Ron Paul may have the power to dictate the outcome of this election. And once again, the Democrats seem to have learned nothing from 2000 and 2004. Word to the wise, Democrats: You can’t win without the left!

Maybe it’s time to ‘say no to dams’, or ‘go solar’ or end this genocidal aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, or… ah, what’s the use. But I’ll tell you this much- the ‘left’ ain’t-a-votin’ for Obama and Crocodile-smile Joe Biden. Not even if Sarah is Palin in comparison!


~I Got Dem Ol’ 9-11 Blues (agin’)~

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

9-1-1! 9-1-1!  Now we’re gonna have some fun!

 9-1-1! 9-1-1! Teach the kids to use a gun!

Nine eleven! Nine Eleven! Jerkoffs think they’re goin’ to heaven!

Nine twelve! Nine twelve! Into minds so weak we’ll delve!

9-13! 913! I can’t believe the shit I’ve seen!

9-13! 9-13! Come take your place in a movie scene!

9-14! 9-14! Heil Hitler, you ol’ goose-stepper you, it’s been 60 years, where have you been?

joey racano


Now- by a show of heil-hitler salutes, how many of you don’t realize the events of September 11th, 2001 were the work of the American government? I guess you’ve never heard of the Reichstag fire then? Get off the ‘Grand Theft, Auto’ video game and go look it up, you little gangster wannabee. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, is a bigger gangster than Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez and the rest of the modern-day Hitler inner circle-jerkers.

I’m not one to judge how stupid Americans are, but what a lot of you still can’t believe, I knew by 9:15am on that fateful September morning. The worst events since, oh, since, I gues 9-11, 1973, when the Americans murdered 2,000 people at the ‘White House’ in Chile, and forced Salvador Allendez (democratically elected President) to kill himself! Come on, ya gotta love the CIA. I read a book once called ‘Into the Buzzsaw’, written by a bunch of cracker-jack journalists who were all fired for daring to run real stories that embarrassed their corporate bosses. It called the CIA the ‘cocaine importing agency’, and I’m sure as shit that’s dam-well true. Just ask Ollie North, sweetheart of the ‘right’ why he’s not allowed in Costa Rica! (Suspicion of Cocaine Trafficking)!

I remember when he kissed the ground after orchestrating the ‘war’ in Grenada. That little traitor should be kissing the ground in Guantanamo if you ask me. Anyway, this is joey racano, live at EartSourceMedia and ready to blog your face in! Stick around, there’s more where this all came from and remember; make EARTHSOURCEMEDIA.ORG your choice for news as it really happens and not as the two-party system spins it.

Joey Racano, Editor EarthSourceMedia 

Hello world!

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

What if you were a nice person on a blue planet in a green garden surrounded by a bunch of greedy people who ran around wrecking everything you hold near and dear?


Joey Racano, editor, ESM