Editorial on the First Presidential Debate

images3.jpg Two men stepped to the podium tonight in Mississippi, one youthful, one more elderly, one black, one white, one a war hero, one barely old enough to remember the horrors of Viet Nam. But the seamy side of the American political system shone through, like a slip underneath a formal gown. Both spoke of the Bush administrations Iraq ‘surge’ as though they had forgotten the war itself was begun on lies of weapons of mass destruction. Both ignored ‘minor details’ like how the Bush Administration fought to smother information that was at odds with the run up to war.

Both ignored the fact that the Bush administration revealed the identity of a CIA agent working covertly for America against nuclear proliferation in Iran.

Both spoke in favor of oil drilling, though McCain more fervently so, despite new evidence showing that greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere rose some 3% between 2006-2007, eclipsing even the worst-case scenario painted by the IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) report last year which itself predicted massive sea level and temperature rise as a direct result of such emissions.

And while McCain showed himself to be a cold-blooded, war-mongering madman, it was Obama who used the words “capture and kill” speaking about his intentions for Osama Bin Laden. The call for war came from both candidates and parties, aimed at Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and whomever else dares stand in the way of the manifest destiny of the United States of America.

Both supported the highway robbery of the next several generations of American taxpayers proposed by the George W. Bush administration to ‘bail out’ an economy ready to have itself unplugged from life support and the 2.5 Billion Dollars we now spend each week on war.

The non-progressive policies put forth by these two frightening products of the American Theocracy/La Cosa Nostra-gone-wild presented the strongest and most clear case that could ever be made for the need to build third, fourth, perhaps fifth and independent parties in American politics. It is the opinion of ESM that the way to build these alternative parties is giving them your vote come November.

Joey Racano

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