September 20th News

Sacramento, California

A long overdue budget will finally go before Governor Schwarzenegger today after wrangling and bickering between Democrats and Republicans for some 81 days, a record amount of time without a budget in the State of California. This latest incarnation will allow for some ‘tweaks’ by Arnold.

Democratic Senate leader Don Perata, commenting on the possible agreement, said the plan passed by the Legislature is “not a good budget”.


In response to the biggest financial meltdown in U.S. history, an emergency rescue team made up of members of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury have come up with a $700 Billion-dollar rescue plan to bring America and her financial institutions back from the brink.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy (‘Impeachment is off the table’) Pelosi insisted such a plan must “insulate Main Street from Wall Street”. The Democrats also want the plan to include another economic stimulus measure to bolster Medicaid, Highways and Public Work Projects.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) warned Democrats not to use this emergency to extract political gains. “Loading it up to score political points or fit a partisan agenda will only delay the economic stability that families, seniors and small businesses deserve” he said.

“Will not”, answered the Democrats.

“Will too” answered the Republicans.

“Will not”

“Will so”.

“Will not”.

“Will so”.

And then, in a display of their ability to work together, they said, “WILLNOTWILLTOOWILLNOTWILLTOOWILLNOTWILLTOO”. -ESM  

 EarthSourceMedia ‘Quote of the Day’:

“We were just robbed at gunpoint by O.J. Simpson”. -Memorabilia dealer on tape played for jury.


No charges will be filed against ex-Representative Mark Foley for allegedly sending lewd messages to underage male pages while a member of Congress. In an ESM exclusive, here are some of the messages:

1.  ‘Hey Skinnyboy, want to touch my monkey?’

2. ‘If I said you had a cute tushie would you hold it against me?’

3. ‘If you like flowers and birds, put your tulips here and swallow’

After reviewing the tapes and security camera footage over and over and over again, the EarthSourceMedia editorial staff finds all the fuss to be ‘overblown’. -ESM

 Ottawa, Canada

‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’

A recent health crisis that killed 18 people in Canada took another tragic turn when Prime Minister Stephen Harper waxed comedic about the deaths. During a conference call that included some 30 bureaucrats, scientists and political officials, Mr. Harper was heard to say, ” This is death by a thousand cuts- or shall I say, Cold Cuts”.

Political opponents and relatives of the dead are calling for his resignation, but we here at EarthSourceMedia think it’s all a lot of balony. -ESM


‘That’s our news for September 20th, so from the sewage floating in San Diego Harbor at Point Loma, to the bank account where Mayor Jerry Sanders keeps the money that should have been spent on sewage treatment, I’m joey racano for EarthSourceMedia saying, Goodnight, and go with grace’.

2 Responses to “September 20th News”

  1. Loretta LaBianca says:

    You are so right about the San Diego area which has the last waiver in the state for secondary sewage treatment. They are trying to get their third 5 year waiver and they are still saying they don’t have the money to upgraded the Point Loma
    facility. They had plenty of time to plan for this and in the meantime the ocean has a constant dumping of sewage that
    does not meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act of the 1970’s! This City calls themselves “America’s Finest City”, right. How can we have marine protected areas here when
    we don’t even meet the clean water act requirements? Major Sanders states that the retrofitting cost is unnecessary because the current plant doesn’t harm the marine ecosystem.
    Amazing remark especially since there is no facility as large as the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment plant in the country without at least a plan to attain the secondary treatment threshold. When is this corrupt City going to wake up and start
    investing in infrastructure? The sewer and water pipes are falling apart and in the long run we pay more to fix them as the roads cave in and create sink holes. They had money for a new ball park but not to ensure our oceans and streams are clean. When the beaches are shut down due to unsafe waters
    the tourists will go home and never return eliminating one of our largest revenue sources in the county.

  2. admin says:

    Right, Loretta! The fact that San Diego holds the very last waiver in California should be great cause for concern and action!


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